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Jul 26 Joyce Manor At Amoeba, Thursday July 24th 2014, Reviewed
The four Joyce Manor guys took the Amoeba stage in the most casual way, and right away started playing their punk anthems in front of an ecstatic crowd; it’s simple, the bunch of dark-haired girls behind me instantaneously morphed themselves into a choir of chanting-screaming females as soon as the band played the first note
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Jul 26 The Best of the The Kinks – Part 1
My first draft list had 25 entries, but with feedback from experts like Bill Holdship, John Kordosh, Iman Lababedi, Michael Bennett, A.C. Rhodes, and others, the list expanded to 40 and I could have easily included many others (“Powerman,” “Two Sisters,” “God’s Children,” and “Celluloid Heroes” are among the missing)
Posted 26 July 2014 by Steve Crawford  Add comment
Jul 26 Taping Of Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”, 30 Rockefeller Center, Thursday, July 24th, 2014, Reviewed
The newly built Tonight Show has that new car smell and state of the art feel, it is all zooming cameras and wood panels and for some reason the audience was gorgeous leggy 20 something girls, who you just know are off to Happy Hour next with a change of clothes in a bag on their shoulder.
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Jul 26 Farm Aid 2014 Line UP
The event has released its 2014 line up and surprise!! Jack White is on board. The ghastly man who is the color of milk fed veal will bring his sound to Raleigh North Carolina s Walnut Creek Amphitheater on September 13th.
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Jul 26 Sea Wolf At Sayers’ Club, Wednesday July 23rd 2014
a mix of old and new songs and this acoustic setting was perfectly suited for these new ones, whose quiet music could evoke still wilderness, forests covered by untouched snow or calm lakes,… I mean any kind of similar imagery would match Church’s nostalgic soundscape
Posted 26 July 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Jul 26 Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker’s “Hypnotic Eye” Reviewed
It ends with one of the worst tracks, “Shadow People” -another blues vamp with nothing much happening and another disappointment. when Petty and his band are not on their game they can be astonishingly boring. This isn’t that bad, it isn’t ;s Mojo, but it is missing a big big song to sail in on and in the end it is all a little shrugged filled.
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Jul 26 Elton Johns Biopic, In The Works
Lee Hall, whose previous work includes the mega hit Billy Elliot, is the writer of Rocketman and had tons to say to the BBC “I’ve been working on it with Elton for long time. It’s an absolutely huge, crazy technicolor affair,
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Jul 26 Woody Allen’s “Magic In The Moonlight” Reviewed
In the mid-1920s, Colin Frith is Stanley Crawford, illusionist extraordinary who goes by the stage name, er, Wei Ling Soo, called to the South of France by a childhood friend and a fellow magician to help debunk clairvoyant Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) only to find he can’t debunk her, and all the years of cynicism and faith begin to be pass and it finds a magic in life again.
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Jul 26 Hey, Maybe The MP3 Wars Aren’t Over
The pitch to the vast majority of people is simple: it is the difference between owning your own house and renting your own house. Which would you prefer? If you could make the price palatable people would absolutely go back to buying, and a buying music ublic is the best thing possible for musicians.
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Jul 26 10 Songs: Saturday, July 26th, 2014
Come Get It Babe – Pharrell – The live version off the Spring Session from Webster Hall and it sounds very good indeed, saving the track from deep album obscurity plus the “heys” now sound like a Williams tic but a good tic (it is all over “Blurred Lines” as well) and the track isn’t hip hop -not even the production, it is funk – A-
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Jul 25 Action Bronson, Ab Soul, Danny Brown At Best Buy, Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, Reviewed
t is 11pm on a Wednesday night at Best Buy and while it doesn’t say “Sold Out” for the third annual Peter Palooza, I have never seen the club busier. Peter Palooza is Hut 97′s Sunday night new rap DJ Peter Rosenberg and the birthday celebration is his, but the people want Action Bronson.
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Jul 25 Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon Addiction Admission
Alternative Press Magazine Music Awards was the stage in which Sykes decided to let us in on his addiction. There is something about winning an award that makes people want to spill their beans. We could have done without this but hey it was all for good purpose I suppose
Posted 25 July 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Jul 25 1981 – A+ List
At the # 1 spot, American artist: “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” Willie Nelson. One of Willie’s best – a beautiful lyric of self-less love matched with equally inspiring guitar work. A #1 country hit.
Posted 25 July 2014 by Steve Crawford  Add comment
Jul 25 More Controversy Before Made In America Arrives In Los Angeles
You know how it works, only people who disagree protest, but if Facebook comments can be any indication of the […]
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Jul 25 Beck’s Brother, Channing Hansen Is Making Quantum Knits.
If you don’t appreciate modern art, you obviously will have a hard time to appreciate anything over there, and I was quite confused about a lot of things (if not everything) presented in the exhibit. Beck’s brother makes hand-knitted constructions, stretched on wood frames, like the one you can admire above, and he builds them from scratch
Posted 25 July 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment

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Echo Park Rising, Saturday August 17th 2013, Photo Journal

the anticipation appears overwhelming…












 Music festivals can be overwhelming, so many bands to see and so little time, but this Echo Park Rising  just went to an extreme rarely reached! Imagine hundreds of bands playing in at least 17 different Echo Park locations, along Sunset Boulevard! How do you cover that? I hesitated between seeing as many bands as possible, and switching from one place to another before watching a band finish its set, or seeing just a few and watching their whole set each time? I stayed for bands’ entire sets on Saturday and ended up watching 10 bands, but I am gonna try the other way on Sunday, because it was just so frustrating! The whole afternoon, I was going from the Echo to the Echoplex to the Echo Patio to the Taix restaurant’s Champagne Room to the outdoor stage, but I missed so much! I didn’t have time to check out what was happening at Origami Vinyl, Lolipop Records, Lot 1 or any of the cafes, which were also hosting music.


Joyce Manor at the El ‘N’ Gee August 16th, 2013

moshin’ mo’fo’s















I went to the best show of the entire summer, no, of the year, last night.


The English Beat at the Twilight Concert Series on Thursday August 15th 2013

rough riders
















The English Beat’s performance at the Twilight Concert Series on the Santa Monica Pier was madness, the crowd got so rowdy that I saw some people, who had saved their front row spot hours ahead of the show, just give up and move away from the stage to watch the concert from afar, letting plenty of room for a few opportunists. Alcoholic beverages may have been forbidden on the pier, but it didn’t prevent some guys to get drunk and a fight almost started behind me while singer/guitarist Dave Wakeling and the other members of the band were preaching peace and love to the crowd.