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Jul 24 Corners’ Residency At The Echo W/ Levitation Room And Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Monday July 21st 2014
I spotted a few people who were already at Corners’ first week residency, and even talked to two of them,… this wasn’t a surprise, I was certain people would come back to experience Corners’ awesome sound. This time, I didn’t dropped my camera, but the Echo was as crowded and as rowdy as ever
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Jul 24 Wrapped up in the Darkness (or spending your life waiting for a moment that just don’t come) (Bruce essay from a maturing teen)
The years have passed and I still think the “Born to Run” and the “Darkness” LP’s are about the best back-to-back albums ever released by an artist. I still hadn’t seen the man live in concert yet. I lived vicariously through bootlegs, live radio concerts and my brother Jack’s photos of Bruce’s show at The Forum.
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Jul 24 Steven Tyler, Sticking Up For the Farm Animals
Massachusetts holds a very special place in my heart. That’s why I was thrilled to learn from my friends at The Humane Society Of The United States about a critical bill that would ban the extreme confinement of animals used for food”
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Jul 24 The Art of Elysium Announces Big Event Curated By Spike Jonze, Karen O, Alex Ebert, Beck, Cat Power….
the event will take place on September 5th at the brand newly renovated (and superb) Theater at Ace Hotel Downtown LA, secondly, the emerging artists will be picked by a totally awesome list of curators,… they seem to be a dream team I would have personally chosen to be honest: Spike Jonze, Karen O, Alex Ebert, Beck Cat Power, Shepard Fairey, Santigold and Jakob Dylan
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Jul 24 Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark Throwback Thursday: We reviewed The Julie Taymor Version In 2010
No messing: the end of the first act, when Spiderman battles Green Lantern, every promise Julie Taymor has made as a savant of the theatre is potentially answered. To say it is eye popping is to understate: Lantern and Spidey literally swing from the rafters and while the wire are visible, it is beautiful in ways Cirque De Soleil never ever is.
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Jul 24 Lemmy Back from The Dead
The whole thing about Motorhead is they are the most perfect, almost like Ramones perfect, of products: loud fast electric riffs; it is metal stripped bare of all pretension. And because of that Motorhead remain one of the most beloved bands of all times, welcome back Lemmy.
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Jul 24 Rob Zombie Cuts Set Short, Proceeds To Gross Us Out
Thousands of people have paid to see you, made travel arrangements and plans (some more elaborate than others) just to stare at you for a few hours. If you don’t make it- that’s it- refunds are fine but honestly its the effort that it requires that makes it so awful.
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Jul 24 US Top 10 Singles 8-2-14
This is a good summer on the charts, I ca see three songs here which will end up high on my best 2014 and any year when you get Adele done right, which is one of Sam Smith’s many achievements this year, the most prominent one is, of course, making an album which compares favorably to In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning. Makes you happy to be writing about music in the 21st Century.
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Jul 24 US Top 10 Albums 8-2-14
So what’s with Blake? The album was on sale at ITunes for $5.99 and and the moral of this story is: if Itunes and/or the record business wanted to really battle streaming they should drop their prices in half…
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Jul 24 10 Songs: Thursday, July 24th, 2014
Free Your Mind – Cut Copy – The beat pattern is quite clever and the howling at the “moooon shines brighter than the sun” is a good hook, but the vocal isn’t there and the rest of the track doesn’t pay it off – B-
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Jul 23 Taping Of Keith Urban For PBS’ “Front And Center” At Highline Ballroom, Monday, July 21st, 2014, Reviewed
Keith was unhappy with the first take on “Till Summer Comes Round” (off Defying Gravity) and played it again, killing the momentum further, though the second version had a much much better ending and it took until that end, 20 minutes into the 80 minute second set, for Keith to get the set back on track.
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Jul 23 Joyce Manor “Never Hungover Again” Album Reviewed
The album as a whole is short and sweet, and upon first listen, I thought definitely too short. However, upon further listening, I realized that if it had been any longer, it would’ve been repetitive and simply not as good. I feel like I could never get tired of having it on repeat, which is a quality Joyce Manor’s had since the very beginning
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Jul 23 Punk Rock Starter Kit, Availabe Via Etsy
We all want to be punk rockers but where oh where do you start? There is so much to know and what exactly should you wear? Its tricky, you dont want to be mistaken for a biker or a goth, you want to be a legit punk rocker- and I know, youre worried someone will confuse you with bands, Avril? Joan?
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Jul 23 Listen to Weezer’s New Song ‘Back To The Shack’
Four years is a long time, and the band also explained that Cuomo wrote the new songs at a pace slower than usual, ‘giving the songs … time to gradually grow into their final forms’, organizing them ‘thematically around three groups of songs’ and utilizing the ‘sound from the band’s earliest days to tell new stories in 2014.’
Posted 23 July 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Jul 23 Tree Planted as Memorial to George Harrison Killed by Actual Beetles
The tree had grown to ten feet tall as of 2013, but could not resist the onslaught of tree beetles (primarily bark beetles and ladybug beetles) that are common in Griffith Park. Though no date has been set, an LA City Councilman stated that the tree would be replanted.
Posted 23 July 2014 by Paula Iwamoto-Schaap  Add comment

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Queen III -Margaret Mullen Has Our Third Review Of The MSG Concert Last week

Queen fantasy

Queen fantasy

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” comes to mind when Adam Lambert joins Queen on stage. Covered in studded black leather, he lifts his black shades looking out to 18,000+ people at Madison Square Garden on Thursday evening. Am I really here? The stage is fairly simple with an arched walkway leading to a large round screen in the center background. At the start of the show, when lit up yellow, it reminds me of the yellow brick road leading to the great and powerful OZ. Grant me just one wish. Queen + Adam Lambert … Now I’m Here, think I’ll stay around around around.

Adam Lambert played his version of a campy (rock lord no) queen (yes) moderately well. Lambert is vocally strong but he is new to this game and obviously grateful for the opportunity as he bows down to the rock gods themselves several times. He tries his best to engage with the mature audience as best he knows (he appears younger than his 32 years). “Hi Mom!” with a bottle of champagne in his hand “during times of loneliness I douse myself in rhinestones like any sensible gay would do,” blah, blah, blah drinking too much (have no idea if he really does), blah, blah, blah wanting to find love and then “I’m getting very Oprah” and “I think we’re just looking for Somebody to Love”. Thank goodness he got to the punch line.

Adam Lambert put his best foot forward Thursday night after stepping in shit as the runner-up of Season 8 of American Idol. AI has produced some successful results: Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson but I have never purchased any of their music (although Clarkson has a couple songs on my workout list via Spotify) and would never purchase tickets to see them in concert … or so I thought.

Lambert is no Freddie Mercury and he makes it clear it is not his intention. The evening is was more about resuscitating one of the great rock bands of the 80s. Interestingly enough, Another One Bites the Dust “was used in a study to train medical professionals to provide the correct number of chest compressions to 110 beats per minute … as recommended by the Resuscitation Council.” It’s on Wikipedia. It must be true. At best the evening (and Mercury substitute) put Queen on life support. Adam Lambert fulfills a dream and the musicians can continue making love to their instruments and bring the larger than life deceased Freddie Mercury back from the dead. “After all these years who would have thought we would have the chance to be rock gods again?” Cannot help but like Brian May. He appears authentically happy to do what he loves. Love of My Life was a very tender and raw performance and I enjoyed listening to the audience sing-along.

My history with Queen is minimal, listened during my high school years with friends but never owned an album. Wrote a piece titled Anatomy of a Song: Bohemian Rhapsody and familiarized myself with Freddie Mercury and the song, not the band. There is a verse in the song referencing Galileo and I remember discounting someone’s opinion regarding Freddie adding it because of Brian May’s interest in astronomy. I wanted it to be more. Apparently, Brian May is an astrophysicist studying to earn his PhD in Astrology. The light show, a highlight for me, was certainly astronomical during May’s somewhat trippy (and long) guitar solo.

I enjoyed the show. Live music, an evening with friends in wonderful New York City was time well spent.


Queen At Madison Square Garden, Thursday, July 17th, 2014, Reviewed

Adam Is Queen

Adam Is Queen

Never before have so few done so much with so little. Queen are simply not a very good band saved from obscurity by the ashtrays of emotion that was Freddie Mercury and a firm grasp on maybe half a dozen indelible songs. Queen was what you got when Mercury added Liberace to Elvis Presley and their best songs were operatic flamboyance added  to 50s rock and roll, performed by a UK heavy metal band from the 70s. Head banging with flair.


Killer Queen: Queen At MSG, Take Two

Not Freddie... but we're alright with that

Not Freddie… but we’re alright with that

To say that Queen, the original Queen, was larger than life is inadequate. They were larger than imagination, mostly due to Freddie Mercury. He was a force of nature, and was widely regarded as the ultimate rock stage performer. One of the greatest musical regrets of my life was never getting to see Queen perform live.