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Written by | June 3, 2016 19:34 | No Comments

‘Ever since I was really young, I was obsessed with food, and I’ve always been talented in art. One day, I just merged the two via cakes. I’m inspired by the things I love. For me, this means Morrissey.’

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Written by | October 7, 2015 8:52 | No Comments

Morrissey is a complete head case, after throwing Harvest under the bus (for no good reason whatsoever), he has followed it up by such bizarre acts as claiming he won’t play in the UK again because he can’t get a record contract. Are you kidding me? Even if they wanted to sign him, everybody is too scared to go near him.

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Written by | September 25, 2015 4:49 | No Comments

‘Do not read this book; do not sully yourself with it, no matter how temptingly brief it seems. All those who shepherded it to print should hang their heads in shame, for it’s hard to imagine anything this bad , been put between covers by anyone other than a vanity publisher. It is an unpolished turd of a book, the stale excrement of Morrissey’s imagination.’

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Written by | September 20, 2015 7:04 | No Comments

‘There is absolutely no way that we can generate any interest from record labels in the United Kingdom, therefore the imminent two nights at Hammersmith are likely to be our final ever UK shows. We are obsessively grateful for all interest and loyalty from our audience … throughout 28 years … but without new releases, there is no point in any additional touring. Thank you for so many absolutely incredible times. The pleasure and privilege is mine … ‘

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Written by | August 26, 2015 16:36 | No Comments

The cover looks like somewhere between a relay race and Tom Courtney is “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner”, and the list, is that what he is handing off? It is all very virile man from the late 1950s early 1960s, being masculine with other men -a thrill ride if ever there was one.

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Written by | August 25, 2015 16:42 | No Comments

Faithful to himself, Morrissey still wants to convince us with bravado and courage… and I love the fact that he is still trying, I am well aware that lots of people may have taken all this for bad propaganda, but did you see these giant middle fingers flipped by the queen? And I haven’t even mentioned that his musicians were wearing ‘Crapitol Records’ shirts…

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Written by | August 14, 2015 12:09 | No Comments

The return of the thin white middle aged nutcase is always reason for… well, if not rejoicing certainly awareness. As for the fat white comedian, well, in my world Corden getting Morrissey is something of a catch, while on CBS it is more like 1am in the morning. Stay up light, tell all your friends ou were there when…

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Written by | August 8, 2015 11:49 | No Comments

  I stumbled on this story and it took me a while before realizing it was not a joke…. Is Ryan Adams’ creative pipe drying out that he is recording a whole album of others’ songs? Or is he riding the Taylor Swift’s successful wave? I am not sure this new project is quite bizarre: Ryan Adams is recording Taylor Swift’s famous album 1989 in its entirety in the style of the Smiths.

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Written by | June 23, 2015 17:20 | one response

There is a sense of today about the setlist, it is so deeply buried in the present and personally if I had my choice only two of these songs would be on the setlist and that is why, if nothing else at all, Mo goes his own way and does his own thing. Morrissey Is None Of My Business…

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Morrissey, lilve

Written by | June 20, 2015 12:48 | No Comments

Welcome back Morrissey. After claiming his opening act had given him the flu and then saying he had cancer, he cancelled his American tour, advised his record company they had no contract with him thereby causing them to pull all digital copies, getting married to a man, and calling omnivores the equivalent of child molesters, missing Morrissey on Saturday at Madison Square Garden is not an option. Morrissey not showing? That’s a possibility.

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Written by | May 26, 2015 5:15 | No Comments

The Bullfighter Dies – Morrissey – Moz, defender of those who can’t defend themselves, and bullpit for causes no one has the power to approach. It is a shame that he doesn’t have a better balance or better songs, this has neither. “Hurray hurray the bullfighter dies and nobody cries…” isn’t gonna cut it – B-

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Written by | May 6, 2015 15:46 | No Comments

They were announcing the FYF fest lineup this morning on KCRW, just when I was driving to work, and I have heard the big news which will probably please half of Los Angeles and beyond: Morrissey is headlining!! Good luck with that Sean Carlson! Have you been thinking about a plan B, because Morrissey may cancel at the last minute. But seriously, are you ready for a vegan FYF fest? Because he will demand it, right?

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Written by | April 24, 2015 7:53 | No Comments

When checking upcoming shows on the Echo/Echoplex page, I was intrigued by this one: ‘Mexrrissey, Mexico goes Morrissey’; it’s happening at the Regent Theater on Monday May 11th, and yes it is an homage to Morrissey by Latino musicians!

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Written by | April 12, 2015 0:04 | No Comments

Morrissey’s last album was the iffy World Peace Is None Of Your Business, where he insulted his label Harvest, told them they don’t have a contract with him, and they pulled the album off all internet services, including ITunes. In what amounts to a first, Moz managed to make me feel sorry for a record label.

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Morrissey In Concert - Seattle, WA

Written by | April 4, 2015 0:02 | No Comments

We shall breast the tape at Barcelona and Murcia (Spain) in April and May, and then we square up for four nights at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Good times for a change. Is it illegal to be this happy? Thank you, also, to everyone who has managed to download “Kiss me a lot” from iTunes. We value your interest and encouragement beyond measure.

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Written by | April 2, 2015 0:01 | No Comments

Drive-In Saturday – Morrissey – Changing Jagger into David Johansen is one thing, but not quite hitting the melody is a bigger problem entirely. Assume the live setting isn’t happening except, cmon, when is happening production wise for this cat? – B

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Written by | March 25, 2015 0:04 | No Comments

But Morrissey how you glowed. With witty antidotes and smart remarks of Historical Boston ( with the worlds smallest ‘suspension bridge’–which slurred terribly) and naming off all the famous people who played the Opera house (he named all of the Golden Girls… ) but he really had a sense of calm and easy for an “Evening with Morrissey

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Written by | March 15, 2015 0:08 | No Comments

The company was asking him if he would be willing to let them use it for a new shirt,… they even asked him for an offer. ‘I wasn’t thinking anything ridiculous,’ he wrote, ‘but he never got back to me. Instead I see they took my idea, almost exactly except for the background, and put it on a shirt.’

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Written by | January 21, 2015 0:08 | No Comments

rock-pop stars have always wanted to wear stuff for shock value, decades ago many rockers found it was really cool to wear Nazi propaganda, from Sid Vicious to Scott Weiland, Lemmy, Jimmy Page,… while in the 90’s Axl Rose went on stage every night wearing a Charles Manson shirt and that was really stupid

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Written by | August 23, 2014 0:06 | No Comments

the imbecility of telling your record label they don’t have a contract when you don’t need one? What is that stupidity, right? It is like your holding four aces and when it comes your time to bet you show your hand first. Can nobody play the game? You sign contracts and then if they aren’t signed you don’t warn your record company.

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Most of the Harvest team are very nice, and I sincerely thank them for trying and caring so much – even if their promotional duties were fully undertaken by the Morrissey audience themselves, whose You Tube videos for World peace is none of your business fully provide the art that the label could not muster. The listeners instantly understood how entertainment could also be art.

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Written by | August 21, 2014 13:42 | No Comments

The album has also been taken down from streaming site Rdio as well as the Stateside Amazon store as a digital purchase, reports Slicing Up Eyeballs, who add that it is currently not known if the move was at the behest of Morrissey or Harvest, the label on which the record was released. A UK representative for Morrissey refused to comment on the removal of the album in the US.

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