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Jul 30 University of Connecticut CT Scans Instruments And Im Paying For It
So we all love instruments right? I mean hell we love music so when we stumble across a French horn at a yard sale and its missing a valve or two.. there is hope. Well there is now- cuz the crazy kids and professors at UCONN have figured out how to use a CT scan to look inside instruments. Are ya stoked?!
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Jul 30 Not With The Band: Each Concert Can Bring Its Lot Of Surprises
People were jumping from electric poles, the crowd was pushing and the barricades were not holding up, it was scary! I have seen a guy passing out at a Shins in-store show at Amoeba, the poor kid had been waiting too long in the sun without water probably, but what else out of the ordinary could I remember?
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Jul 30 1982 – A+ List
Mrs. Lorene Burns, an Alabama woman that had the famous seven digits for her telephone number was not a fan. “When we’d first get calls at 2 or 3 in the morning, my husband would answer the phone. He can’t hear too well. They’d ask for Jenny, and he’d say ‘Jimmy doesn’t live here anymore.’ Tommy Tutone was the one who had the record. I’d like to get hold of his neck and choke him.”
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Jul 30 Blood On The Dancefloor Kicked off CombiChrist Tour, Dahvie Speaks
Due to unfortunate circumstances, we must announce that we will no longer be touring with Combichrist, and honestly we have the social media to blame. It’s truly sad, and quite pathetic that people are willing to stoop as low as to spread some sick, twisted rumors about me
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Jul 30 the Best of The Kinks Komplete
Where Have All The Good Times Gone,” 1965. At the ripe old age of 21, poor rock star Ray is already wondering what’s happened to the worry free lifestyle of his youth. This sounds like a major hit, but was a B-side in 1965, then bombed as a single in 1973 (released after Bowie did his cover on Pin Ups). Is it just me or does the mother figure sound like a cougar?
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Jul 30 Must See: Wu Tang Clan And Others At Barclay Center For “The Source 360″
“community leaders such as Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Common, Spike Lee, Danny Simmons, MC Lyte, Brandon Martinez, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, and more are expected to participate and be in attendance. A full-scale concert will also be held at the Barclays Center on Saturday, September 20th”
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Jul 30 The Beetles Killed The George Harrison Tree
According to the LA Times, a very ironic thing happened recently: Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge told the LA Times over the weekend that the pine tree died as the result of an insect infestation… yeah, the beetles killed it! The tree was already 10 feet tall but according to the Times many trees in Griffith Park have been the victims of bark beetles and ladybug beetles
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Jul 30 Nicki Minaj Delays Single Release, Becomes Sex Symbol
And wait, there is a delay: “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu”.
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Jul 30 10 Songs: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
Stop Your Stobbing – the Kinks – Those background harmonies, Ray’s wife at the time, right, the “oooh ooohs” under “stop it stop it”? I could listen to it forever. It is like Torre giving the ball to Cone for one out in game six of the world series in 2000: Ray wasn’t doing her a favor, he used her for what the song needed – A
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Jul 29 Be Here Now: Snap Shot Reviews of New Album Release 7-29-14
Eric Clapton And Friends – The Breeze (An Appreciation Of JJ Cale) After the dire Old Socks, this coulda have been a disaster, but it isn’t, what it does is place Cale out of the “Cocaine” one hit wonder category and into the basic blues canon with some of Clapton’s greatest acoustic warm glow performances since Ocean boulevard rising to the occasion – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A
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Jul 29 Cross my Heart and Hope to Die At Subliminal Projects, Saturday July 26th 2014
I still have to make a connection between what I saw and heard, but it was surely a high-concept project, as a lot of untold and unseen things seemed to be going on. Also, the fact that it was their first show ever, made the event even more interesting…
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Jul 29 Ted Nugent Concerts- Droppin’ Like Flys
An avid hunter, there is no way Nugent wouldn’t be on my most hated list. His twisted political views and obnoxious delivery just solidifies my hatred of the “Wango Tango” trash. It seems I am not alone in my lack of appreciation for the man.
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Jul 29 Musician Kasey Anderson Charged With Fraud After Fake Project Involving Springsteen & Lady Gaga
“I lied to myself and others, and believing those lies, I told myself consistently that whatever was going on with me … I could fix it on my own. I convinced myself that it was normal. I am a deeply flawed and mentally ill person who made some terrible choices, causing so much emotional and financial damage to others. But I believe I have much to offer my community.’
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Jul 29 Spider Bags “Frozen Letter” Reviewed
The first four (“Summer Of 69” a Golden Boys cover) everything you dreamt it would be, and the next four less focused, more inclined to art rock, less hard more spooky and as the last song “Eyes Of Death” ends the feedback comes in just like the beginning of the album, s if Spider bags have created a self contained world. And they have. Just not their best one.
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Jul 29 Ryan Adams At Newport Folk Festival, Friday, July25th, 2014, Reviewed
At Newport he seemed better able to move from one extreme to the other while maintaining a sort of benign self-regard. With such a huge back catalog, Adams can really pick and choose and at Newport he chose to be a classic rocker near his peak.
Posted 29 July 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” Reviewed (More Or Less)

The problem with Quentin Tarantino's antebellum era  anti-slavery Spaghetti Western "Django Unchained" isn't that it isn't good, it is good, it is a blast of violence and energy that functions like an extended Tom And Jerry cartoon. The problem is "Django Unchained" is unimportant. It is like a bottle of soda pop, drink it and burp and it is over.


A Deleted (And Funny) Scene From ‘This Is 40′ With Billie Joe Armstrong

The deleted scenes of a movie are sometimes, and incomprehensibly, the best ones! I haven’t seen Judd Apatow’s movie ‘This Is 40’, but this deleted scene with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is hilarious. Why it didn’t make the cut is a mystery to me as Armstrong shows he can actually makes fun of himself, when he reveals to Paul Rudd, who plays a record label executive, his new (and fantastic) side project combining Norwegian death metal and Belle and Sebastian, no less! Billie Joe describes it as a ‘sort of music you can cry to but also maybe burn a church down at the same time!!’


“Zero Dark Thirty” Reviewed (More Or Less)

I've admired Jessica Chastaine since her emotionally delicate performance as the housewife in "The Tree Of Life" -but she looks small and fragile any way so it felt like typecasting. Apparently not, in Katherine Bigelow's espionage procedural about the decade long  hunt and assassination of the 9-11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden by the USA, Jessica's CIA Analyst Maya is a singleminded hard as nails bent on tracking down the man since she graduated from High School.