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Sep 22 BEDROCKtoberfest Curated By Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner, Saturday September 20th 2014
Bedrock-LA is like Disneyland for musicians, a giant 40,000 square feet music-service facility, located in the heart of Echo Park. And Bedrock has its fest, Bedrocktoberfest, which is a bit premature since we are still in September, but they probably wanted a good reason to sell good German beer
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Sep 22 ’24 Karat Gold’, A Stevie Nicks’ Personal Collection Of Polaroids Selfies
The self-portraits, which were taken with Polaroid cameras between 1975 and 1987, were selected by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, whereas the exhibit will conveniently coincide with the release of her album ’24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault’, consisting of songs she wrote between 1969 and 1987
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Sep 22 Taylor Swift Vs Every Celebrity In The World
I stole this off Popdust here so if you wanna see the original go there but if you wanna stay here, I’ve simplified it and sneered at all the right places just for you. Plus, in my world young Tay tay can do no wrong so, guess what? It’s all everyone elses fault. Oh and I graded em because that’s what we do.
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Sep 22 With The Iggy Azalea Gig On Friday, Here Is The Setlist Spotified
the exciting young Australian rapper who ruled the summer with two smash songs, “Fancy” and “Problems” and then “Black Widow” bringing up the rear. Meanwhile her debut album The New Classic might not be the revelation her debut EP, 2011′s excellent Ignorant Art, hey she will be playing songs from both on Friday.
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Sep 22 Medium Cool: The Week In Talk Show Hosts 9-22-14
I haven’t been to Las Vegas since 1975 so maybe next year I should do it. I wanna see the Beatles “Love”, Britney’s solo show and this the second Michael Jackson-Cirque De Soliel collaboration. I skipped the first show when it played MSG and I kinda regret it. On Letterman on Thursday I can take a a look at # 2.
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Sep 22 UK Top 10 Singles 9-27-14
Bass and drums, bass and drums, certainly you cant throw a brick without hitting bass and drums. The first four tracks are interchangeable, EDM plus pro vocals. Now that the UK hasn’t broken up, maybe they should start on making their charts work.
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Sep 22 UK Top 10 Albums 9-27-14
Yuck. The Script is awful and their album cover is worse, Babs is just as bad, Catfish & The Bottlemen are predictable UK rockers, and only Chris Brown is both new and good and, well, he is Chris Brown. You need a shower after listening to him.
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Sep 22 10 Songs: Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Love Me Tender – Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley – Awful act of necromancy, almost astounding in its lack of chemistry and sexiness and cool and warmth, uncool to an extent not knowable to the average person. Worst song ever – F
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Sep 21 “Turn it Up”: I Tip My Hat To Lynyrd Skynyrd
Yes, I may be in Sabbatical but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. Gather round kids and let me tell you how it took a pretty intelligent girl 40 years to realize that Southern Rock ain’t so dang bad.
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Sep 21 Haim’s Body-Shaped New Vinyl For ‘My Song 5′
I give you this, they are young girls and cute, and this is why we get this new vinyl of their track ‘My Song 5’, shaped like Alana Haim’s derriere, with her legs and arms sticking out of the vinyl’s edges. Why? Did fans need this? I am certain they will sell out very fast
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Sep 21 Taste Of South Lake Pasadena 2014, A Free Food & Music Festival
It’s Pasadena’s largest culinary celebration, a food festival with free music! 25 restaurants are participating with live cooking demos done by celebrity chefs from 11 am to 2 pm, while some LA and international indie bands are scheduled to play from 11 am to 3 pm… Not a bad way to have your Saturday brunch
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Sep 21 Sneak Peaks: New Album Releases Week of September 22nd, 2014
John Mellencamp hasn’t been around for a long time and Jennifer Hudson is a true soul singer. It is a toss up between Leonard Cohen and Aphex twins, and I am gonna go with Aphex Twin because I am not anticipating Cohen, I’ve listened to it non stop all week.
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Sep 21 Let’s Active: rock nyc Concert Picks w-o 9-22-14
I had tickets to see No Doubt at Roseland years ago and blew it off to check out Nustrat Ali Khan, not a bad trade off, but it is one I don’t need to make Saturday at Central Park for the Global Citizen Festival where they headline along with the likes of Jay Z, Carrie Underwood, fun., The Roots and Tiesto
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Sep 21 That Was The Week That Was: September 15th, 2014
Like everybody over a certain age who is obsessed with rock and roll, this was all about the Replacements who failed to disappoint with a career spanning 100 minute set of Mats song. Lorde was pretty damn good as well. Meanwhile, Cat Stevens forced us to pre buy his album or miss out on the presale code.
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Sep 21 10 Songs: Sunday, September 21st, 2014
Imagine if Jefferson Starship were really, really Jefferson Airplane, and you will get close to this anthem. “This is for the wild ones, this is for the hearts that never quit” Viv sings, and recently signed to Republic Records, it has apparently paid off big – B+
Posted 21 September 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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First Day Back Playlist

hello cold weather












Summer is over and though we’re all seriously bummed to have no more late-afternoon wakeups and Warped Tours and warm weather, autumn (and the school year) is here.


Ten Terrific Tunes Under Two Minutes Long

tick tock tick…

These are busy times, my friends.  So many priorities are competing for your time.  After Twitter, Facebook, paying your bills, mowing the sheep, completing your bug collection, and waxing your eyelids, do you really have time to spin “Whipping Post” or “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre”?  Deep down, you know you’ll never get to the second disc of the Can box set.

Since you were too busy to read the intro paragraph, let’s just jump into the list.

10.  “Hit the Road Jack,” Ray Charles.  The smart alecks at Wikipedia gives this a 2:00 count, but my iPod says 1:58, so we’ll go with modern technology.  Ray belts out this classic so hurriedly, he couldn’t even insert the comma before the proper name.  This sweet hitchhiker tune topped the pop charts for two weeks in 1961.  Play the positively eternal 4-minute cover version by the Residents very loudly if you have hearing problems and hate your neighbors.


Last Salute To The Blank Generation: My Top Seven Songs Of the ’70s

They took it




















7. “Blank Generation,” Richard Hell and the Voidoids. In 1959, Bobby McFadden, who provided the voice to Franken Berry in the ‘70s, and poet Rod McKuen released a novelty single titled “The Beat Generation,” about the low budget hipster lifestyle. Richard (Meyers) Hell reworked the tune, playing “Blank Generation” in an early version of Television and with the non-Petty Heartbreakers in 1976. Released with the Voidoids in ’77, law school graduate Robert Quine provided the razor sharp guitar while Hell howled about being “God’s consolation prize.” The tagline, “I belong to the blank generation,” became the battle cry for the CBGB’s punk rock crowd. The perfect angst anthem for self-designated outcasts.