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Dec 26 A Bloody Spectacular XMAS Eve Eve At The Echo, Tuesday December 23rd 2014
I even saw a girl with a fake Kardashian-derriere and another one with a unibrow, a half-shaved head and long blonde pubic hair in front of her blue dress! Was all this real? A joyous nightmare before Christmas
Posted 26 December 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Dec 26 Steve Crawford’s Top 30 Songs Of 2014
rock nyc writer Steve Crawford has spent much of the year working on a book of the greatest songs in the 1980s, but still followed the latest releases close enough to include Old 97’s encapsulated history of life in a rock band, Lydia’s ode to being told to give oral stimulation and long time faves DBT. A mix of Americana and the occasional curve ball for 2014.
Posted 26 December 2014 by Steve Crawford  Add comment
Dec 26 Irving Azoff Causing Worlds Of Trouble For Youtube
There is no Ertegun or Gordy: whenever you write in support of one of them, a Daniel Ek, you need a shower immediately after. Neil Bogart may have been a scumbag but he was a MUSICAL SCUMBAG, a showman, one of the boys. These bunch of hedge fund thieves in pinstripe suits should be thrown out of the business.
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 26 Eminem Is Coming Out In The Interview
‘The Interview’, Sony Pictures’ Christmas big release which wasn’t released in fear of a North Korea’s cyber attack, finally got […]
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 26 Most Shazamed of 2014
So what do we learn for this years most Shazamed songs? Nobody knows who Clean Bandits is. Oh, and dance is even more anonymous than we gave it credit for.
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 26 Best Albums Of 2014 # 7: Justin Townes Earle’s “Single Mothers”
Justin Townes Earle might not be the greatest songwriter in the world but he is certainly the most consistently excellent songwriter in 2014. From 2012 to 2014, Earle has written, recorded and released 20 perfect songs. Absolutely flawless jewels.
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 26 rock nyc Top 10 Songs week of 12-22-14
Welcome to the silicone valley flow (to quote YG), another year over and another list written. Only one of the Madonna songs? I could have included “Unapologetic Bitch” I guess… but didn’t. I’m going to post two best songs, one with everything and one with just the cream of the crop and I plan to include “Seeds” high up on the latter.
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 26 10 Songs: Friday, December 26th, 2014
White Water – Angel Olsen – Another haunting masterwork by the solemn sodded big time indie wench of 2014, with natty little one liners like “she wants to be naked and elegant”, and a hefty rhymic hook to take it home and haunted Siren vocals. Nifty – B+
Posted 26 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 25 IAN, Media Jeweler, Johnathan Rice (w/Jenny Lewis) And Girlpool At The Echo, Monday December 22nd 2014
I realized at that moment that the girl duo was a real phenomenon, despite having only released an EP. And I totally got it, there was plenty of personality (nice and feisty) and attitude (feminism) there, served by a very efficient minimalism of evocative guitar-bass combo and sweet-harmonies galore
Posted 25 December 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Dec 25 Super Group Teenage Time Killers, Featuring Every Metal-Hardcore Band That Exists, To Release Album Soon
From what I get, this sounds like a sort of live aid for metal-hardcore veterans without the aid, and of course the songs were recorded at Grohl’s studio 606 in the Los Angeles valley, on the famous Sound City mixing board, according to Kerrang
Posted 25 December 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Dec 25 Best Albums Of 2014 # 8: Sam Smith’s “In The Lonely Hour”
A modern In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning by a guy with an immaculate voice, a sweet falsetto that hits every note with the ease of youth and lingers on it, to further the heartbreak. And the difference between Sam and Adele? Sam has much better songs
Posted 25 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 25 The Twelve Days Of rock nyc Christmas, 2014
Yes, folks it’s a tradition and not a particularly inspired one either but here is the rock nyc 12 days of Christmas. The gone but not forgotten person is Donna McElroy who died of cancer January 23, 2014. The launch of a new improved rock nyc isn’t a joke, we figure January 16, 2015…
Posted 25 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 25 US Top 10 Albums 1-3-15
With one week left before the end of the year, 1989 is now 100,000 units away from beating Frozen for biggest selling album of the year. This is pretty damn impressive and I don’t see how it can fail -she must win. Hell, I’d buy em myself if I could afford it!
Posted 25 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 25 US Top 10 Singles 1-3-15
I’ve always felt “Love Story” was the one, the song where Taylor became a superstar, back in 2008. I remember hearing it early and turning to my friend and saying “this is it”, it’s over. But even as I was saying that she was remaining a teen girl phenomenon -she was huge but huge within genre. With the release of “Blank Space” she belonged to the world. People who I’d argued about Swift with for years gave up. The song is simply undeniable. With “Blank Space” Taylor became as big as you can be.
Posted 25 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Dec 25 10 Songs: Christmas Day 2014 Special!
Santa Bring My Baby (Back To Me) – Elvis Presley – One of the all time greatest, this is Presley as popstar, it is like “You’re Right, I’m Left, She’s Gone” or “Teddy Bear” –a delirious hook filled hubba which channels Bing Crosby’s “bababba” going away – A+
Posted 25 December 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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