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Sep 01 Watching Iggy Azalea At Made In America Festival
Her performance at Made in America let me totally uninterested though, she did everything you can expect from a rapper in this surrounding, she almost kissed Rita Ora on stage – but hasn’t this be done a million times before?
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Sep 01 Nightmom Louis Family Restaurant Providence, RI Saturday Aug 30, 2014 Reviewed
The show at Louis Family Restaurant was the culmination of Nightmom’s first national tour. On the road for 30 days, the band traveled some 9000 miles to promote Glider Heaven, their second full-length, the photo for the cover of which Travis found in an old copy of National Geographic. Long live Glider Love.
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Sep 01 David Lynch Had No Good Idea For Kanye West
This is what happens when it is a slow-news day, we write about things that could have but didn’t really happen. Famous director and unique character David Lynch said to the Daily Beast that he almost made a video for Kanye West’
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Sep 01 Best Albums Through August 31st, 2014
Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka Formerly Known As twigs, is the most exciting thing to happen to UK soundscape soul pop since Lana del Rey and like Lana she doesn’t sound like anything else: a deeply arranged indie soul hybrid. Imagine if Massive Attack had been so big 1D and a girl in Gloucestershire, England, became completely obsessed with them…something like that.
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Sep 01 Best Songs Through August 31st, 2014
Two songs, released the same day, Taylor’s “Shake It Off” and and Leonard Cohen’s “Almost Like The Blues”, a third, around for awhile but finally hitting home FKA twigs brilliant “Lights On”, and a fourth, rock ny’s band Je’June’d excellent “picotement” ran away with the month.
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Sep 01 UK Top 10 Singles 9-6-14
“Rariworkout” is awesome, Grime meets EDM, the raps are very English, very Brixton or wormwood scrubs but the beats are international and very dance steadying, very House, not dub at all, nothing deep more like a chattering mail biter. Excellent song, hope it hits the US charts.
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Sep 01 UK Top 10 Albums 9-6-14
A not untypical UK chart, made whole by the two Kate Bush albums, an obvious relection of her return to performing after a 35 year absence. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive but what on earth does that prove, right? Otherwise, Royal Blood are like a lively Black keys or a Jack white not tripping over his ego, But not as good as that sounds.
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Sep 01 10 Songs: Monday, September 1st, 2014
South Georgia Sugar Babe – Justin Townes Earle – “My baby, she’s half as crazy as me, and like I said it’s been a long time…”. The genes coming through, the flex of the writing muscle, and the long instrumental bridge, all comes together on an early minor classic – A
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Aug 31 Krill At The Space, Hamden CT Friday August 29th, 2014 Reviewed
Genius is evident, in that the vocals sound like the sleepily processed thoughts of one depressed in bed deciding whether or not to face the world, yet the other instruments embody total rhythmic tonal conviction, crushing any uncertainty
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Aug 31 Made In America Is This Weekend And It Has Not Sold Out!
Summer is not totally over yet, and we still have one festival to go here in Los Angeles, the brand new version of Made in America which will take over downtown LA this weekend… but I am not going because the line up sucks… and I am not the only one!
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Aug 31 Medium Cool: The Week In Talk Show Guests 9-1-14
I am not sure if he is singing, but if he is singing Mandy Patinkin is an absolute riot in full blown cabaret mode and must be seen at least once. Letterman has the New Pornographers, Fallon has Maroon 5, Anything else: oh yeah, the name of the column, people have been stopping me in the streets to inquire. James Wolcott had a Village Voice column called Media Cool, playing on the name of the 1960s fictional-documentary “Medium Cool” which I went back to here.
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Aug 31 Sneak Peaks: New Album Releases week Of September 1st, 2014
Don’t get too excited over the James Taylor album, it is not just a 2004 album, it is also just a covers album, and that leaves you with the Kooks on one hand and Jeezy on the other fighting it out for most anticipated album of the week but neither of em have particularly good singles spun off and Maroon 5 have two out of three (“Animals” is too generic), plus Adam Levine is the one pop star who can bring it live. So yup, Maroon 5 by a bottled blonde.
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Aug 31 Let’s Active rock nyc Concert Picks week of 9-1-14
My love battery wants to charge you…I haven’t seen the Buzzcocks on stage in the better part of thirty years though I remember catching em at the Palladium on the Different Kind Of Tension tour, the Fall opened if memory serves… Man, they were great. Titus Andronicus are opening, I haven’t seen them in a couple of years after catching em around once a month at the turn of he decade. Saturday at Webster Hall
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Aug 31 Mathew Knowles Says The Elevator Scuffle Was A PR Stunt
[They needed something to] ignite that tour. It’s called a ‘Jedi mind trick.’ The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of the time. So things you see, sometimes, are …. All I know is: everyone is talking about it. Ticket sales went up, Solange’s album sales went up 200% …’
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Aug 31 10 Songs: Sunday, August 31st, 2014
I’ve been consistently rough on Paisley. The first time I saw him, Brad’s first album had yet to be released and he was opening for Loretta Lynn at the Town Hall. I haunted Tower records waiting for that album to be released. This song puns prettily on the bank portion of the title – A-
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