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Jul 31 Corners Residency At The Echo With Debt And Adult Book, Monday July 28th 2014
The cool thing with these residencies is that the crowd is full of musicians enjoying the set of other bands (I recognized at least one of the Mystic Braves), and my Silver Lake-Echo Park neighborhood looks like a big family of musicians packed inside the Echo, right?
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Jul 31 TicketNetwork Makes Nice With The FTC
In a nutshell, TN would make you redirect from a venue representing itself as the ‘official’ ticket seller for places like Radio City Music Hall. So the consumer felt they were buying direct but they were actually purchasing bumped up tickets from a reseller.
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Jul 31 Stream Michelle Shocked’s Silent New Album
She is releasing an LP entitled ‘Inaudible Woman’ consisting of 11 tracks, all totally silent. The ‘songs’ that you can stream on CD Baby (is this a joke or what?) are named after executives in the digital music world, such as SiriusXM executive Patrick Donnelly, Clear Channel executive Robert Walls,… and are available for download at $0.99 each
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Jul 31 Spotify-Viacom Deal A Biggie for The Streaming company
It seems to me Spotify have settled themselves after last years somewhat stalled growth (and I still think they have passed on the older generation before they had to), are back to taking over the world of streaming by storm. And I believe this is a future of music distribution (which is what we are discussing, of course
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Jul 31 Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga’s “Anything Goes” reviewed
Lady Gaga, who I am sick to death of, doesn’t simply jump the Shark here, but climbs on top of it, squeezes it between her legs and rides it like Slim Pickens at the end of “Dr. Strangelove” and in the worst is yet to come mode, Bennett delivers his single worst vocal performance of all time
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Jul 31 US top 10 Singles 8-9-14
Every week the US Albums charts is like this explosion of new albums, shooting stars, often gone he next week or the week after, while the singles charts is like water on stone, slowly slow slowly something cracks open the door. This week it is Sia, a song I don’t have much time for, but one thay has done the difficult, it has made its presence felt on the singles charts.
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Jul 31 US Top 10 Albums 8-9-14
I know I prefer 5SOS to common but the reason they have the same grade is a question of ambition, both of these albums have one absolute ambition: the former to be a worldwide smash for teen girls, the other to seriously wory what is happening in Chicago, Ill. Common may fail but I applaud the attempt.
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Jul 31 10 Songs, Thursday, July 31st, 2014
Recognize – Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Man, I miss this guy. I also miss the years Chris Rock was cool and on this gotta recognize recognition it is worth mentioning a certain Pharrell Williams co-produced the track… yup, he was a P.I.M.P. alright – Grade: A
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Jul 30 Morrissey’s Bodyguard Is Suing Him
Morrissey has a few camps of fans. The know it alls who can tell you the number of hairs on his ass cheeks and his pulse rate at each recording session, the ones who dig his music his politics, and think he’s a fox (that’s me!) and the Uber psychotics who live in worlds of fan fiction and verbal muscle tactics. Everyone wants a piece of the guy and someone’s gonna get one.
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Jul 30 Conor Oberst At Central Park Summerstage, Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, Reviewed
Played with Bright eyes-y full throttle intensity, plus horns, plus back up singers, plus two girls on guitar, plus Conor emoting the holy fuck out of them, they supercharged the evening. I didn’t like the horns on “Hundreds Of Ways on the recorded version, but it worked here and the three song opening did something Conor didn’t quite do at Carnegie Hall a couple of years ago, it grew him up without changing him.
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Jul 30 University of Connecticut CT Scans Instruments And Im Paying For It
So we all love instruments right? I mean hell we love music so when we stumble across a French horn at a yard sale and its missing a valve or two.. there is hope. Well there is now- cuz the crazy kids and professors at UCONN have figured out how to use a CT scan to look inside instruments. Are ya stoked?!
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Jul 30 Not With The Band: Each Concert Can Bring Its Lot Of Surprises
People were jumping from electric poles, the crowd was pushing and the barricades were not holding up, it was scary! I have seen a guy passing out at a Shins in-store show at Amoeba, the poor kid had been waiting too long in the sun without water probably, but what else out of the ordinary could I remember?
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Jul 30 1982 – A+ List
Mrs. Lorene Burns, an Alabama woman that had the famous seven digits for her telephone number was not a fan. “When we’d first get calls at 2 or 3 in the morning, my husband would answer the phone. He can’t hear too well. They’d ask for Jenny, and he’d say ‘Jimmy doesn’t live here anymore.’ Tommy Tutone was the one who had the record. I’d like to get hold of his neck and choke him.”
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Jul 30 Blood On The Dancefloor Kicked off CombiChrist Tour, Dahvie Speaks
Due to unfortunate circumstances, we must announce that we will no longer be touring with Combichrist, and honestly we have the social media to blame. It’s truly sad, and quite pathetic that people are willing to stoop as low as to spread some sick, twisted rumors about me
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Jul 30 the Best of The Kinks Komplete
Where Have All The Good Times Gone,” 1965. At the ripe old age of 21, poor rock star Ray is already wondering what’s happened to the worry free lifestyle of his youth. This sounds like a major hit, but was a B-side in 1965, then bombed as a single in 1973 (released after Bowie did his cover on Pin Ups). Is it just me or does the mother figure sound like a cougar?
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No Middle Class In World Of Pop 2013

These people are dead

At this point I have more than my own fair share of friends in the music business and I have no answers, zero, as to how to make a damn living at it. It is a mixture of dumb luck and extreme talent: you need both, the right song, the right time, the right place. You need to have a licensing agent of super natural gifts, lowered expectations and your fingers crossed and recrossed and all of that? Who knows? How can you tell these things?


Billboard’s Top Ten Singles Last Week All Released By Universal

Chart domination

The world of Music Labels got dramatically smaller when Universal bought EMI and the result is here at last for all to see. Not simply that all ten songs on the singles charts belong to major labels, that goes with the territory, but that they all belong to one label is unheard of.


“Get Lucky” Passes 100 Million Streams On Spotify

got very lucky


















Daft Punk’s “Get