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Oct 21 CMJ Music Marathon Presents Beach Day, Cake Shop, October 21st, 2014, reviewed
Their name suggests indie dream pop and their home , Hollywood Florida, suggests surf and turf, but their sounds is New Yawk girl group via the Ramones with a huge dollop of feedback, reverb and a misheard chorus via My Bloody Valentine. In other words, they are awesome and a great way to kick off CMJ 2014
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Oct 21 Be Here Now: First Take On New Album Releases 10-21-14
She has seldom sounded better than she does on “I Put A Spell On You” and her “You Belong To Me” belongs in the same category as Patsy Cline. Whether singing soul or jazz or Gospel, the voice is a magnificent thing and the arrangements do everything possible to highlight the voice – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-
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Oct 21 Black 47 Infinity Hall Hartford, CT Sunday October 19th, 2014
You cannot in good measure critique a band on a farewell journey. They’re emotionally charged, tired and seemingly on auto pilot as they work their way tying up the loose strings of their time together. A band of brothers and an army of 6, Black47 have done what they wanted to do- raise awareness, raise a fist and raise a pint, with the convictions of superheroes.
Posted 21 October 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Oct 21 Iggy Pop’s John Peel Lecture Is Just Great!
Although the main topic was about ‘free music in a Capitalist society’, he touched a lot of subjects, mentioned ‘the new electronic devices which estrange people from their morals’ and other bad things (mostly money) related to the music industry, but basically he gave a lot of advices to young artists
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Oct 21 Not With The Band: 2014 Is The First Year With No Album Going Platinum
Everyone knows this, when an album or a single has sold a certain amount of copies, it turns Gold (500,000), Platinum (1,000,000) or Diamond (10,000,000), and this is obviously the goal of most artists. However, Forbes reports that, this year, not a single artist’s album has gone platinum, and the year is almost over! Really? Not even Beyoncé or someone in her league?
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Oct 21 FKA twigs #throughglass Darkly
She uses Google Glass to play “Video Girl” and then to learn the dance steps, and it twins her up and then quadruples her. The man is a stunning, dramatic figure of grace and it suggest (which is probably the reason for being) a certain gracefulness in the ungraceful Google Glass
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Oct 21 The Rebel Factory’s “Trigger me” Reviewed
It doesn’t actually sound like the LES in the 80s, maybe the 90s, the sound is too professional, the pain is deep but the arrangement has none of the sloppiness or loose barrelled of punk rock: this is a tough minded blues for grown ups. Well worth listening to.
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Oct 21 Last Call: Final Tracks Week Of October 13th, 2014
No Ordinary Love – You + Me – Sure, P!nk has a good voice but she needs the song to signify and she doesn’t have it here, a terrible piano based ballad slow as molasses and a self defeating love doodle – D+
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Oct 21 10 Songs: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
Did this break Stateside? it sounds like the Lumineers meets 1D in the best way imaginable, a ridiculously catchy hook laden chorus built for singing along to; stomp your feet and join in. It must have broken here.. but nope, it stiffed – A-
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Oct 20 Tomas Doncker Band And Yusef Komunyakaa’s “Big Apple Blues” Reviewed
This is an electrified tour de force, a statement on the art of the art of music and an important addition to the myth that is New York City. It has been called a journey through black America but that is to damn it with faint praise. This isn’t about black people, it is about what human people should and do and don’t do for each other.
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Oct 20 Amber Jean Young’s Art Exhibit At Subliminal Projects, Friday October 17th 2014
‘Is that Neil Young?’ asked me a guy entering the studio at the same time ‘Yes! And it’s unbelievable!’ I answered. No it wasn’t unbelievable that Neil was there for his daughter’s first solo art show in Los Angeles, but it was unbelievable that I was there, among all these people. Amber was attending, of course, as was Pegi, her mother, and even Stephen Stills showed up
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Oct 20 Afternoons’ ‘Say Yes’ Release Party At El Cid, Friday October 17th 2014
Their uplifting songs filled with multi harmonies and wide-screen melodies, which can very easily turn into joyous sing-alongs. Their computer crashed after just one song, they also lost some part of their drum set at one point but this didn’t stop them for very long. May be I hadn’t noticed before
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Oct 20 Some Thoughts On Andy Garcia’s “Looking For Johnny”
“Looking For Johnny” was everything it could possibly be, it respected the story as best it could where no one else seems to bother, an excellent memory of a great guitarist,a legendary musician, a towering New Yorker and an influence for every other rock band playing the 7pm set at Arlene’s grocery.
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Oct 20 That Was The Week That Was: October 13th, 2014
This entire week belonged to Tay, Lena Durham said she wanted a Taylor Swift song at her wedding. Impressed? LENA IS DATING JACK ANTONOFF!! The Diet Pepsi commercial was so awesomely cute I still haven’t recovered and the song on it was fabulous; the new song (not single mind) “Out Of The Woods” is great EDM. Plus? 7 more days till 1989.
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Oct 20 UK Top 10 Albums 10-25-14
Sure “Ghosts” is Ok but not over an album, meanwhile I am kinda shocked to find U2 in the charts. I guess not as many people have Itunes as I thought (80 million streams of the album by the way). ANything else? Nope, go back to whatever you were doing.
Posted 20 October 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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FIDLAR Covers The Descendents For Milo Aukerman’s 50th Birthday

Milo Aukerman, the lead singer of the punk rock band the Descendents, is turning 50 on January 1st, and Filter magazine is releasing its 50th issue at the same time! With the famous cartoon drawn by longtime Descendents artist Chris Shary on the cover, the Filter people have decided to celebrate with free music, or rather a full album of Descendents covers by some of their favorite bands. The album will feature 14 cover songs by hot bands such as The Henry Clay People, Good Riddance, FIDLAR, Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Thrillionaire, Milo Greene, Mike Watt, Edsel, Teen, The Bronx, The Babies, Tijuana Panthers, Bobby Birdman and YACHT.


Listen Up: 12-30-12

1. Irreplaceable – Beyonce – “To the left, to the left…” . One of the woman’s best song is a bitter break up things. The words refer to the boxes where She wants Him to put the boxes he is filling with his belongings. Apparently, Beyonce has had enough of his two timing. For such a brittle parting it is a catchy singalong and an instant classic. At Roseland a coupla years ago it was performed by the audience. Which kinda sucks – Grade: A


My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons – “Number Three Single”, Reviewed

The third installment of My Chemical Romance’s Conventional Weapons consists of the tracks “The World is Ugly” and “The Light behind Your Eyes” and, while making sense in the grand scheme of the album, the songs make Number Three as a single fall a bit flat. Almost every album in the history of ever has at least one or two slow songs thrown into the middle of the album to create an element of diversity. The tracks on Number Threeappear to be MCR’s slow songs for Conventional Weapons. And, while the problem isn’t that the two slow songs were put on the same single, “The World is Ugly” and “The Light behind Your Eyes” just aren’t spectacular sad songs when paired.