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Jul 22 How To Get Kicked of Warped Tour (For A Day)
Word is out that Volumes, a band you’ve never heard of, were booted off the MI date by Kevin Lyman himself. The reasons are vague but it seems that the kids had a wild time at a Walmart. This includes trashing the store and reportedly pissing on it as well, there was also some speak of coke snorting but hey man.. whatevs.
Posted 22 July 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Jul 22 Paul Foglino, Jack Grace And Tom Clark At The Townhouse At 2A, Sunday, July 21st, 2014, Reviewed
Underlying whatever you might think Tom Clark is doing at the Treehouse every Sunday, with free concert at a lovely loft like space with windows looking down on the East Village like it is Lincoln Center’s Allen Room gone downtown what he is doing is managing the flux of time
Posted 22 July 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Jul 22 Leslie Stevens At The Grand Ole Echo, Sunday July 20th 2014, reviewed
She was bringing something fresh to the game, and managed to captivate the audience with her adorable personality, her uplifting and ascending tunes and her high-pitched voice dolling up over the pedal steel and layered guitars.
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Jul 22 MTV VMA Nominations… Same Ol’ Thang
We at rocknyc should really have our own awards show- we have a wider range and more snarky opinions and if it were my category, it’d be “The Artists Who Pissed Me off The Most”, let me tell ya kids, that’d be one long nomination list.
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Jul 22 Jungle’s “Jungle” Reviewed
The two songs that open Jungle “The Heat” and “Accelerate” are serious keepers, and if by “Platoon” you’ve kinda gotten the point, better repeating this album when necessary, the sound is samey, the horns, synths, falsettos, and strings, all a touch manufactured, but that doesn’t make them any less perfect.
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Jul 22 Must See: Jimmy Page In Conversation This November
I’d love to see Page bring out the Zep catalog on stage one more time but he has a huge problem, who do you get to play Page? Adam Lambert? Eddie Vedder (right attitude, wrong key). Anyway, buy tickets for the November 3rd conversation at the 92nd Street Y here.
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Jul 22 What I Am Listening To Right This Minute
Back in 2009 we did things like what is on Jesus Ipod, imaginary concerts, and something like this, “what I am Listening To Right This Minute” posted in real time as we listened. That morphed over time to my daily 10 songs post.
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Jul 22 Lady Gaga’s Assistant To Publish A Tell-All Book
O’ Neill says she was expecting to be working and available 24/7, ‘handling Gaga’s luggage, administering her ‘medicine’, waking her up, and even ‘ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower’. It sounds like the usual demand from a diva, but at the top of this, she was required to sleep in Gaga’s bed because the fame monster does not like to sleep alone
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Jul 22 Sam Smith comes to Spotify!!!
Apparently, it has just been made available but I don’t know since there has been no official annoucement. You would have thought Spotify would’ve been all over that announcement and the reason I’m guessing they weren’t isbecause Columbia wouldn’t pay for advertising space and so it snuck in the back door
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Jul 22 10 Songs: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Cheeseburger In Paradise – Jimmy Buffett – No, he isn’t a a vegetarian though he has a veggie burger on the menu on the menu plus, how can you hear this damn song without wanting one? A big hunk of meat!! – A
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Jul 21 Chop & Quench, Fela Kuti’s ’69 Los Angeles Sessions’ At Grand Performances, Friday July 18th 2014
When Ngaujah removed his vest, then removed his shirt toward the end of the show, he almost got back into Fela’s skin, and soon more and more women stood up and shook their bodies with more or less success… it was difficult to compete with the three queens though
Posted 21 July 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Jul 21 Ted Nugent, “Shutup&Jam!” White Trash For the Trailer Park
there is also bad and ugly, there are people that want to kill me because I eat venison. That is how sick some people can be. But, the positive, celebratory spirit of the millions of people that I communicate with on Facebook every day is a great thing.
Posted 21 July 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Jul 21 Queen III -Margaret Mullen Has Our Third Review Of The MSG Concert Last week
At best the evening (and Mercury substitute) put Queen on life support. Adam Lambert fulfills a dream and the musicians can continue making love to their instruments and bring the larger than life deceased Freddie Mercury back from the dead. “After all these years who would have thought we would have the chance to be rock gods again?”
Posted 21 July 2014 by Margaret Mullen  Add comment
Jul 21 Watch the video for The Apache Relay’s ‘Katie Queen of Tennessee’
The story goes something like this: When director Hayley Young was thinking of how to make a video for the song, she wanted dancers from Nashville to be part of the act. A search online brought her to a routine by the Nashville Dance Center set to music from the musical Rock of Ages
Posted 21 July 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Jul 21 KISS Las Vegas Residency
So how perfect is it that these cats are going to be parking their codpieces at that early bird buffet in Las Vegas? Yup, get the O2 tank and Metamucil cuz The Hard Rock Cafe music hall The Joint is keeping the guys for a 9 show residency. Is it a residency if its that limited?
Posted 21 July 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment

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Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 9-21-13

both sings and paints a masterpiece

1. When I Paint My Masterpiece Demo – Bob Dylan – If you have been raised on the Greatest Hits 2 version, it isn’t the solo on piano that flips you out, it is the bridge: “Sure wish I hadn’t had sold my old Vitrola, ain’t nothing like that good ol rock and roller” all that’s missing is the coca cola line – A+


Hear Ye On Spotify : what rock nyc is listening to 9-20-13

kissy kissy

1. Loud Like Love – Placebo – Bowie for morons with darker hair and arty prescriptions at a minimum, this lead song is real catchy big time rock – B+

2. Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel – The thing about this classic rock ballad is you can play it just abut anyway you choose, and it  will still work – A

3.  Thursday – Pet Shop Boy – This was so good on stage ,I went back to it on record and it sounds much better, especially the tail of the chorus – A-

4. Campus – Vampire Weekend – I haven’t seen em in years and so despite a nosebleed seat, I am psyched for tonight – A-

5. Stay In Touch – David Bronson – This is one of the best slices of rock this year and considering where it comes, at the end of The Long Lost, in context it is even more thrilling – A

6. Nasty Boy – Notorious B.I. G. – It feels like a long way from Junior Mafia here – A-

7. Glad To be Gay – A great gay anthem in the 20th century, a little too downbeat for the 21st – A

8. Triplets – Danny Kaye – Solo, so you miss Judy and Gene, but still pretty great – A

9. Funky Ceilli – Black 47 – The first time I heard this, on a cassette they sold at their gigs, there was a difference coda with Larry inviting his guy friends over to sleep with MTV models with him! – A

10. Southern Pacific – The Del Lords – This Neil Young cover is a standard bearer for all future Neil Young covers –a powerhouse classic. I think Scott said they’d been covering it back in the 90s.


Hear Ye On Spotify: 9-19-13

Great return to form from Saint Motel

1. My Type – Saint Motel – A-

2. Digsy’s Finer –  Oasis – A

3. Woman’s World – C-

4. Salt In My WOunds – Shemakia Copeland – A-

5. Dream On – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – C+

6. Damaged – The Del Lords – A

7. La Festa Italiana – Matt Whipkey – A-

8. We Were Us – Keith Urban – B

9. Popscene – Blur – A+

10. Back To The Wind – Pat Todd And The Rankoutsiders – A-

Comment: Pat sounds like the Stones without the vocals, though his vocals have a nive edge, and Shemakia is a major blues singer and still in her 20s, Oasis are getting back together (maybe) and listening to Noel you can hear why. But the day belongs to Saint Motel, a band I’ve been expecting to break through for years now. Maybe they are too good, certainly this disco glam workout is worthy of just about any one. A great slice of modern disco.