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Dec 21 UK # 1 Christmas Single For 2014 Is Ben Haenow… Who?
The X Factor winner Ben Haenow may have never hurt any one and since he is a former truck driver may be you can go further and say it is a better daydream than Billy, but I just wish the song was better. It is truly terrible, not the verses, but the chorus, which is like being lifted up by a crane against your will
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Dec 21 Madonna Releases Six Songs From Her 2015 Album “Rebel Heart”
Six songs from Madonna and to be honest I approached reviewing them with a little bit of nervousness. In 2012 I seriously overestimated MDNA. Still, this sounds better; less poppy more adult dance for mainstream Madonna fans. A solid “B+” of an effort
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Dec 21 Watch Marilyn Manson’s New Video For ‘Deep Six’
the animation is totally not working for me: it’s not even scary or confusing enough or perverse as a Manson video should be! This CGI tube swallowing a woman as an anaconda or a slinky toy would do, may be his new idea of sexual threat
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Dec 21 Hologram USA Announces Liberace’s World Tour
‘With our partners at the Liberace Foundation we’ll be able to stage a show so lifelike — the room will be filled with all of the great singer’s charm and charisma.”
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Dec 21 Best Albums Of 2014 #13: “Caroline Kole”
There is a lot going on here, one sweet natured song after another and on top? “Money To Me” shares the “heeeeey” hook with “Blank Space” except Caroline wrote hers a year before Taylor. And Caroline has those kind of songs, songs you want to hear over and over again
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Dec 21 Let’s Active: rock nyc Concert PICK(no s!) Week Of December 22nd, 2014
Here is the new Darlene Love album, It’s Christmas, Of Course… kinda interesting, there’s a “2000 Miles” and there’s a “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” and who can complain about that? There is nothing at all wrong with the album and I’ve all but decided to go on the Saturday… Grade? B
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Dec 21 Sneak Peaks? New Album Releases, December 23rd, 2014? Uh Oh
Hey wait a second, the Rigor Mortis was released in October and the Daft Punk was released in 2007 and so there is nothing. You heard of Seinfeld’s show about nothing, well, this is a post about nothing
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Dec 21 10 Songs: Sunday, December 21st, 2014
Kimberly – Patti Smith – In the maelstrom of horrors detailed on Horses, Patti Smith finds all existence in the birth of her little sister in the most beautiful song on the album just like some misplaced Joan Of Arc. Singalong: “palmtrees fall into the sea, doesn’t matter much to me…” – A+
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Dec 20 Bob Seger At Madison Square Garden. Friday, December 19th, 2014, Reviewed
At his most complex he is in the working place where, as Jarvis Cocker once noted, common people watch their lives slip out of view. You don’t have to guess with Seger, you don’t have to interpret, he is the poet of desperation and he is the poet laureate of the simple need to be someone
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Dec 20 Jail Weddings and Band Of Horses w/ Jason Lytle Share Two Christmas Songs
You must have heard, it’s Christmas,… again! And here they are again, these eternal songs that come back every year with the same boring arrangements and inanity. Is it that difficult to write new Christmas songs? I guess, because we have been playing the same old clichés for over a century.
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Dec 20 Jack White’s Old Single Found In Furniture?
According to Pitchfork, two copies of The Upholsters’ second single, ‘Your Furniture Was Always Dead… I Was Just Afraid to Tell You’ were found by two different individuals, hidden in a piece of furniture!
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Dec 20 Best Albums Of 2014 # 14: Bassnectar’s “Noise Vs Beauty”
At nearly an hour the album has a few cliffs and sometimes it falls off but it always land somewhere cool, it is like a computer game with the sound different levels and the tracks seem to repeat till they are right on the edge and then fall. But we told you that years ago.
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Dec 20 Kevin Breuner, CD Baby VP Of Marketing Talks, Just Not To Us
“In 2014, we’ve seen serious growth in revenues to artists from sources like publishing and YouTube. It’s exciting for us to help artists connect with revenue that previously wasn’t easily accessible to them. In 2015, we expect that trend to continue in a big way.”
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Dec 20 Classic Songs Added to The Grammy Hall Of Fame 2015
Here are the inductees for the Grammy Hall Of Fame and it is sure difficult (and a suckers game) to argue with any of them, though I’ll be happy to try but I’d have to really take a look at all the past songs inducted because, I mean, who thinks that’s Hank’s only tracK
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Dec 20 Hear, My Friends: Rita X Wolf
Rita X Wolf is a writer, critic, art aficionado and my facebook friend who answered the call for five songs she was listening to right the moment I requested it. “I just attended a Gene Clark (70th birthday) Byrds (50th anniversary show) so…”
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Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 9-21-13

both sings and paints a masterpiece

1. When I Paint My Masterpiece Demo – Bob Dylan – If you have been raised on the Greatest Hits 2 version, it isn’t the solo on piano that flips you out, it is the bridge: “Sure wish I hadn’t had sold my old Vitrola, ain’t nothing like that good ol rock and roller” all that’s missing is the coca cola line – A+


Hear Ye On Spotify : what rock nyc is listening to 9-20-13

kissy kissy

1. Loud Like Love – Placebo – Bowie for morons with darker hair and arty prescriptions at a minimum, this lead song is real catchy big time rock – B+

2. Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel – The thing about this classic rock ballad is you can play it just abut anyway you choose, and it  will still work – A

3.  Thursday – Pet Shop Boy – This was so good on stage ,I went back to it on record and it sounds much better, especially the tail of the chorus – A-

4. Campus – Vampire Weekend – I haven’t seen em in years and so despite a nosebleed seat, I am psyched for tonight – A-

5. Stay In Touch – David Bronson – This is one of the best slices of rock this year and considering where it comes, at the end of The Long Lost, in context it is even more thrilling – A

6. Nasty Boy – Notorious B.I. G. – It feels like a long way from Junior Mafia here – A-

7. Glad To be Gay – A great gay anthem in the 20th century, a little too downbeat for the 21st – A

8. Triplets – Danny Kaye – Solo, so you miss Judy and Gene, but still pretty great – A

9. Funky Ceilli – Black 47 – The first time I heard this, on a cassette they sold at their gigs, there was a difference coda with Larry inviting his guy friends over to sleep with MTV models with him! – A

10. Southern Pacific – The Del Lords – This Neil Young cover is a standard bearer for all future Neil Young covers –a powerhouse classic. I think Scott said they’d been covering it back in the 90s.


Hear Ye On Spotify: 9-19-13

Great return to form from Saint Motel

1. My Type – Saint Motel – A-

2. Digsy’s Finer –  Oasis – A

3. Woman’s World – C-

4. Salt In My WOunds – Shemakia Copeland – A-

5. Dream On – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – C+

6. Damaged – The Del Lords – A

7. La Festa Italiana – Matt Whipkey – A-

8. We Were Us – Keith Urban – B

9. Popscene – Blur – A+

10. Back To The Wind – Pat Todd And The Rankoutsiders – A-

Comment: Pat sounds like the Stones without the vocals, though his vocals have a nive edge, and Shemakia is a major blues singer and still in her 20s, Oasis are getting back together (maybe) and listening to Noel you can hear why. But the day belongs to Saint Motel, a band I’ve been expecting to break through for years now. Maybe they are too good, certainly this disco glam workout is worthy of just about any one. A great slice of modern disco.