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Aug 20 Echo Park Rising Day 3, Sunday August 17th 2014
Day three (and last day) at Echo Park Rising was concentrated inside the Echo /Echoplex. There was still a lot going on about everywhere, but there was already so much to see inside the two-level club, and the twelve or so bands that I saw there kept me very busy.
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Aug 20 Leonard Cohen And Taylor Swift: Almost Like Shaking It Off
Taylor responds to claims she can’t hold a man, indeed, seeing her ex with another woman, by dancing. Cohen reacts to hell by dancing the samba. And both react to troubles with humor. At the bottom, both these songs are darkly humorous. It is almost like shaking with laughter, it is almost like darkness. But it isn’t darkness yet.
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Aug 20 Bob Dylan Back In the Basement (stream the first song off the album as well)
I have a really really bad feeling about this one. rock nyc have already voiced serious concerns about the T Bone Burnet (the man who gives bad taste a bad name) produced high concept album, where in big time pop stars of a certain type, let’s call em Americana follies wherever they might come from, write the music to recently discovered Bob Dylan lyrics from when he was 26 years old.
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Aug 20 Sam Smith has Started Work On His Second Album
This is very thrilling stuff as far as I’m concerned and I can’t wait to see if he can pull off a second album as drastically brilliant as his first. Smith and FKA twig, both UK stars by the way, are the sound of 2014 and the sound of 2014 is melancholia mixed with desire. It uses EDM but it isn’t EDM, and if its roots are in soul that is only at the deepest level.
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Aug 20 Grimes’ Wikipedia Problem
She doesn’t want drugs to be part of her narrative, although this interview exists, it took me 2 seconds to find it. She really said this, and it was only 2 years ago. She simply could have said she regretted saying this, it’s okay to say ‘I was wrong to glorify drugs’, ‘I was wrong to do this to sell my album and become famous’, but it’s not okay to say people are assholes because they are just reposting her own words.
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Aug 20 Kanye West’s “All Day” Reviewed
to McCartney. certainly, if they get it right it will be big time. Next, “All Day” -a mix of “N—-z In Paris” and Draker’s “Started From The Bottom”, “All Day” is the way Kanye performs pop songs in 2014. Basically, he builds the entire song around repeating the hook every second line and third time around at an increasingly fanatical pace. I love it but I would.
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Aug 20 10 Songs: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 Reviewed
You Can Be Loved – Orenda Fink – A hushed piece of heartbreak, though how it fits back into the overall theme of the album, I am not sure. Like so much of the best pop, it is a statement which needs know further affirmation – B+
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Aug 19 Be Here Now: Snapshot Reviews Of New Album Releases: 8-19-14
Look Again To The Wind: Johhny Cash’s Bitter Tears revisited – Various Artists – His 1965 concept album in support of the Native Americans (again, in 1965 -before “Bury My Heart At Wounded Hill”) is giving some fine performances by the Milk carton Kids along with folks like Emmylou, Earle, Kristoffersson and I for one didn’t know the original but love this folk album very much – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+
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Aug 19 Echo Park Rising Day 2, Saturday August 16th 2014, Reviewed
There was a grrrl riot in the making with Sex Stains, a provocative moniker for two bold women, Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Partyline) and choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews (artistic director of The MOVEMENT). Allison with her shark-week dress and ocean-blue lipstick and Mecca
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Aug 19 People Watching At The Eminem Concert
I am the furthest thing from a prude (nor was I innocent when I was younger) but I can be somewhat conservative as I ahem mature or maybe it has more to do with having little girls. Troubled me seeing young woman drunk or on drugs walking by themselves or throwing themselves at men (boys)
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Aug 19 “Smokey And Friends” Reviewed
The first track off Smokey And Friends, the Motown giant’s duets album was so indifferent, Cee Lo joining him on “The Way You Do (The Things You Do)” and for the most part I was right but the album did have moments. Smokey is in fine voice throughout but he gains nothing special from the duets, nobody spurs him to heights.
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Aug 19 True Groove Residency In Brooklyn Starting This Thursday
This should be a blast and more importantly a place for Doncker and the many groups and singers of all types and styles his label presents, to test drive material off their upcoming releases. Including September 9ths eagerly anticipated “FUNKY WORLD,” True Groove’s Club/Dub/Dance compilation, which you can stream here
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Aug 19 Are You Prepared For This? A Collaboration Between Paul McCartney And Kanye West
Kim you should know that first, the pictures you post on your instagram page are much more provocative, second, it could be inspired by Boris Vian’s violent novel ‘I’ll spit on your Graves’, a famous social criticism of race relations… I know it’s ‘spit’ not ‘piss’, and I am totally making this up as I have no other information, however I am pretty sure Kim doesn’t know who Vian is…
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Aug 19 New Johnny Marr Song Marred By Lack Of Song
Former Smiths members keep on sucking and stupid ass writers keep on lying about them. The only good thing about the death of the rock crtic is nobody has to read the twerps at Rolling Stone’s brain dead blather about stuff they don’t quite grasp. In pitchfork synths are icy, in RS bass’s throb. Never met an adjective they couldn’t sexualy abuse.
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Aug 19 10 Songs; Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
April’s Bathroom Bummer – Devonte Hynes – The face of new r&b has taken a collaboration with Solange and ran with it to the top of new r&b, this soundtrack track is a minor but haunting work for the latest female coppo;a to become a director- B
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No Name #1: A Celebration Of The Life And Music Of Elliott Smith At Largo, Tuesday August 6th 2013

Elliott Smith: Piano Man
















This Elliott Smith celebration was a total intimate and familial affair as it is always the case at Largo. August 6th should have been his 44th anniversary but it was not the occasion for tears and sadness, on the contrary it was a fun fun night, with the right amount of laugh, smile, and moving moments.


Elliott Smith Tribute Concert August 10th, 2013 Will be Performed At Bowery Ballroom

celebrating somebody that we used to know




















rock nyc has been ground zero for Justice For Elliott Smith -a request for the LAPD to remove the Smith death from a world of limbo and figure out once and for all how he came to end up with two stab wounds to the heart.