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Viv Peyrat sounds to these ears like a classic rocker with a modern hook bent! Here are his answers to five question posed to him with his suitable for streaming debut EP The Introduction. Here Viv answers five questions.
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Oct 02 The Warm Cosy World Of Cover Songs
These versions are presented in a more pop manufactured way and thus songs that are originally raw and rather un-polished are presented in a more comfortable way and so I’m back in my comfort zone again. Somehow my conscious is appeased and I am lulled back to a warm cosy world of pop rather then unvarnished rock as its orginal form was
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Oct 02 Manhattan Murder Mystery Has A Video And It Is Bloody Fantastic
The plot of the story is as somber as these bathing suits are shiny: Drug dealers stealing from each other? An escape on a boat piloted by a sort of poor’s Daft Punk? An unlucky fallen hero? A drug mogul (or is he a Nigerian Prince? A harem guard?) chopping hands as if he was auditioning for a part in the next Bible movie? I had no idea this could come alive in a parking lot.
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Oct 02 Best Concerts Through September 30th, 2014
The Replacements – Forest Hills Stadium – September 19th, 2014 – The return of the biggest alt rock band of all time becomes a gigantic singalong as 16,000 40 somethings get to hear them at the very top of their game for 90 minutes of hits. The Replacements you always dreamt of.
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Oct 02 US Top 10 Singles 10-11-14
I’ve had Clean Bandits in my sites just about since the beginning on the year, when it started showing up on the UK charts and remained their for months. That shows how long it can take, nearly a year, between a song being released and a song breaking pop big time. That violin hook is money in the back, it just takes awhile
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Oct 02 US Top 10 Albums 10- 11-14
Gaga and Bennett in at #1 on the album charts? 131K units moved. I am now officially the worst prognosticator since that dead ringer groundhog deBlas dropped… Otherwise, the charts no longer tell you whether music is god or bad, anything released in any given week that sells over 50K will be on the charts. Essentially, it is ten albums that have been released recently
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Oct 02 rock nyc Top 33 Songs (In Order And Spotified) Through September 30th, 2014
Slow – Leonard Cohen – His Greatest self portrait ever finds the man defining the race not being close to the swift but to he who reaches the end slowest, whether it be sex or life or God knows the blues. A work only those of us growing old faster than us will understand completely
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Oct 02 10 Songs: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
If “Fireproof” had the chance of being a fluke, this second song off the upcoming album Four, is a coming of age for the hottest pop band on earth. with every single modern hook imaginable, from handclaps to guitar licks, to voices raised on elongated choruses and another great tune to boot, this makes em two for two and a classic rock band for a different world – A
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Oct 01 Magnolia Memoir’s New Album ‘Pale Fire’ Reviewed
While the title song burns its own fire, ‘Peeling Paint’ rocks as hard as some vintage 70’ number while keeping a poppy heart, and ‘Resurrected’, the last song of the album, tells the whole story: frontwoman Mela Lee was involved in a terrible car accident in April 2014
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Oct 01 Cat Power, Gogol Bordello, The Pixies At The Hollywood Bowl, Sunday September 28th 2014
This was a promising night, the final concert of the Hollywood Bowl’s season, a sold-out-18,000-people night, but a weird night too, with an eclectic line-up: Cat Power, Gogol Bordello and the Pixies! Who would ever think these three bands would fit one day on the same bill?
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Oct 01 15 Essential Soft Soul Songs from the Early ‘70s
In the early 1970s, it was a custom for African-American men to sport large Afros, wear polyester suits, and sing in falsettos that made wine glasses tremble. Here are 15 groovy soft songs of love and heartbreak from 1970 to 1972. The line below lists the songwriters and the peak position on the pop charts. I know you can dig it, baby
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Oct 01 Watch The Trailer Of The New PTA’s Film, ‘Inherent Vice’
I have no real excuse for posting a movie trailer on a music blog, except that we review movies sometimes, and that music is always like a central character in Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies: this new one has the voice of indie harpist Joanna Newsom, who is serving as the film’s narrator in the movie
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Oct 01 John Mellencamp’s “Plain Spoken” Reviewed
This is a truth Mellencamp seems to instinctively understand, these songs are about people with a different sort of understanding of life, a different type of connection to the land: that’s why he plays Farm Aid. Plain spoken, from the earth to the earth, American homeland, Mellencamp plain spokenly speaks for it and us on a fine, folk rocker album
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Oct 01 Best Songs Through September 30th, 2014
Nothing as excited as last month, here they are mostly album tracks, plus songs off albums that didn’t make it onto the best of they year list. Three from Julian Casablancas but put that down to contrariness, and the only reason I only put three of the four Trainor tracks here is I was afraid of overkill.
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Oct 01 Best Albums Through September 30th, 2014
Popular Problems – Leonard Cohen – He is melodic the way a bassoon is melodic, or maybe the way the memory of a teenage love is melodic, the contours remain there even if the details are lost forever and the two first songs are among the best he has ever written and everything else is damn near perfect as well.
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you can still feel it all over

Sure, you’ll be a 100 miles away and sure you will have to sit through the dreaded Alicia Keys and almost as dreaded John Mayer to get there, but IT IS LITTLE STEVIE WONDER and any chance to see this great songwriter, one of the greatest of all times, must be seized with both hands and cherished. I’ve seen him a number of times and it has never come within a million miles of disappointing me.  On Saturday (which is good) but at the Great Lawn of Central Park is not ideal (Radio City was ideal) but this is a huge gig. A must see. It is a benefit so go to and figure it out for yourself.


Gigs, Man – The Del Lords Return This October

The rock and roll band of the moment return to New York

Early last summer, I had the wise guy idea of going to see Buddy Guy and the Del Lords on the same night. The mathematics was simply Buddy at 8pm, Del Lords, last of three bands, at 1030p. Makes sense, right? Nope, I missed all of the Del Lords gig, they went on second not third, except for the final five minutes of Neil Young’s “Southern Pacific”


An Evening with Falling In Reverse

Please Radke Dont Hurt Um

Let me bring