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Aug 23 Arcade Fire At Barclay Center, Friday, August 22nd, 2014, Reviewed
AF couldn’t quite cash in on the good vibrations, how can so many people fail to cease the moment and imprint themselves on our DNA? There were short sharp dance sounds and a sense of restraint that didn’t build into a singular vision, a singular event. Seldom did they manage to sustain it, they were like the 2014 Yankees, they couldn’t put three wins together in a row
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Aug 23 A+ List – 1984
As much as the ‘80s are maligned musically, ’84 was an outstanding year for pop music. Check out my lengthy list of Honorable Mentions below #20, many of which are as good/even better than the twenty annotated below in alphabetical order.
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Aug 23 Henry Rollins Says Suicide Is A Decision People Make,… I Say Wait A minute!
‘Fuck suicide. Life isn’t anything but what you make it. For all the people who walked from the grocery store back to their house, only to be met by a robber who shot them in the head for nothing — you gotta hang in there’,
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Aug 23 Morrissey Does Stupid Stuff
the imbecility of telling your record label they don’t have a contract when you don’t need one? What is that stupidity, right? It is like your holding four aces and when it comes your time to bet you show your hand first. Can nobody play the game? You sign contracts and then if they aren’t signed you don’t warn your record company.
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Aug 23 Billy Bragg Played Ferguson, MO
“A number of people said to me on Twitter, if you’re going to go to St Lou, are you going to go to Ferguson? But we didn’t want to just go there and walk through Ferguson and be tourists. We wanted to do something for the community.”
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Aug 23 And The Morrissey Drama Continues!
Most of the Harvest team are very nice, and I sincerely thank them for trying and caring so much – even if their promotional duties were fully undertaken by the Morrissey audience themselves, whose You Tube videos for World peace is none of your business fully provide the art that the label could not muster. The listeners instantly understood how entertainment could also be art.
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Aug 23 Must See: Fresh 102.7′s Fall Fest This October
The thing about all these acts is they define ordinary, never gonna be superstars but fast the first couple of hurdles where they can be part and parcel of some sort of 2010s revival tour in 2023, all they need is three hit songs and they are in, five hit songs and they can headline, ten and they aren’t on the nostalgia circuit at all.
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Aug 23 The A+ List: 8-23-14
Underage sex, alcoholism, threesome, and a quick wit. A gorgeous melody, great anthem. If this was released today Scotland Yard would have him in handcuffs, be searching his mansion, and wanting more information about his friendship with late Jimmy Saville, and 50 year old alcoholic women would be suing him.
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Aug 23 10 Songs: Saturday, August 22nd, 2014
Can’t Give You Anything But Love – Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga – Not the epic disaster of “Anything Goes” mostly because Gaga gets a little muscle into her verses but otherwise an incredible waste of energy and the death knell to what remains of Gaga’s once earth shattering career. A real pity – C+
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Aug 22 Where Do I Want To Be In 10 Years? Helping People Through Music Therapy
I will sing, play guitar, and play the keyboard for my music therapy profession to help ease patients during chemo, in the NICU, patients who have long stays in the hospital or alzheimers patients. I am excited to be in this profession because I can help so many people, young and old
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Aug 22 How One Animated GIF Can Summarize 30 Years Of Music History
Year by year, you see the evolution of what people buy and consume, from vinyl totally dominating the market with cassettes in the 80s, to the overwhelming dominance of CDs from the 90s till the mid-00s, and finally the takeover of MP3s, downloads and streaming services from the late 00s to present.
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Aug 22 Lauryn Hill And J. Cole Sing About Ferguson, MO
If “Black Rage” is an accidental commentary, J. Cole’s “Born Free” is an “Ohio” for a different generation and another outrage. “That there is no justice kills my soul” Cole sings (not raps) on the Michael Brown tribute, where Cole sobs somewhere between a rap and a song. It is a powerful piano ballad, and it went viral, directly hitting the mark and answering the concerns of many black people.
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Aug 22 Roddy Frame Back With A New Album
Aztec Camera aka Roddy Frame aka the bloke who looked like he shoulda been in Orange Juice but instead was a sorta grown up Haircut 100 and got lumped but wouldn’t fit in all that early 80s Postcard scene. Listen to “Oblivious” below if you wanna know what the sound of 1983, aka thirty years ago!!
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Aug 22 Watch Haim Reveal Secrets In A New Video For ‘My Song 5’
still can’t make sense of the Haim sisters’ enormous success, I saw them a few years ago at a tiny street festival in LA and there were like 10 people, then saw them at the Santa Monica pier a year later and they had attracted a rather large crowd, but now they are literally headlining the FYF fest? They have a 9 pm spot just before the Strokes, which is big deal
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Aug 22 rock nyc Top 10 Songs week of 8-18-14
This maybe the best ten songs list of the year. Right at the top are two songs which will be very high on my end of year list, along with a third at the very bottom which will also make the near top of the year, meanwhile three artists I am on the record as to loathing, McGraw, Chesney and alt-j came up with crackerjacks, Kimba, who I have never much noticed, has a good album (I underestimated it earlier this week).
Posted 22 August 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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Active Viewin’: Concert Picks For Week Of September 23rd, 2013

you can still feel it all over

Sure, you’ll be a 100 miles away and sure you will have to sit through the dreaded Alicia Keys and almost as dreaded John Mayer to get there, but IT IS LITTLE STEVIE WONDER and any chance to see this great songwriter, one of the greatest of all times, must be seized with both hands and cherished. I’ve seen him a number of times and it has never come within a million miles of disappointing me.  On Saturday (which is good) but at the Great Lawn of Central Park is not ideal (Radio City was ideal) but this is a huge gig. A must see. It is a benefit so go to and figure it out for yourself.


Gigs, Man – The Del Lords Return This October

The rock and roll band of the moment return to New York

Early last summer, I had the wise guy idea of going to see Buddy Guy and the Del Lords on the same night. The mathematics was simply Buddy at 8pm, Del Lords, last of three bands, at 1030p. Makes sense, right? Nope, I missed all of the Del Lords gig, they went on second not third, except for the final five minutes of Neil Young’s “Southern Pacific”


An Evening with Falling In Reverse

Please Radke Dont Hurt Um

Let me bring