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Aug 01 Psychotic Killing Spree Playlist
Co-editor Helen Bach has invented a new form of road rage, one where you don’t actually need the road to participate. Helen, similar to murder for hire would be consumer Morrissey, at least love animals but not me. I have blood on my hands and watch me lick it off slowly
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Aug 01 Jon Bon Jovi And The Kings Of Suburbia At The Count Basie Theatre, Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, reviewed
No, Jon, it is not alright. It isn’t remotely close to alright, this is a dire, depressing version of one of the few bearable Bon Jovi songs. Yes, that was the worst moment, but there was lots and lots of competition: the last song “American Pie”, the ridiculous “Baba O’Reilly” not remotely saved by the violinist, “Bad Medicine” overblown and heavy…
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Aug 01 The Muffs At Amoeba, Tuesday July 29th 2014
The most striking thing about seeing the Muffs live, is their laid-back attitude, as well as the casual chatting and deadpan humor between the songs, as if they were some stand-up comedians doing the Muffs routine before bursting into their short punk songs. Kim looked almost exactly as she did at Burgerama
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Aug 01 Conor Oberst Central Park SummerStage Tuesday July 29, 2014 Reviewed
IIt’s a weird realization, feeling like I’ve grown out of who I’ve considered my favorite musician for years. I’ll still listen to him, I don’t skip Bright Eyes when it comes up on shuffle, but his newer work doesn’t appeal to me and some of his older stuff is unlistenable. Conor’s grown up, and I have too, and we’ve gone our separate ways.
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Aug 01 $200 Interview Rights, Featuring Black Veil Brides
Pay 200 clams and get press credentials to a show with photo pass! So THAT’S the going rate for it! You’ll get the opportunity to interview a member of the band with FIVE questions (that’s spelled out so don’t think of four or six), you’ll get to go in the photo pit for the first three songs (no flash!) just like the real photogs
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Aug 01 Dream Alive At The Dragonfly, Wednesday July 29th 2014, Reviewed
they gave us a grandiose opening, and continued with the same exuberant energy till the end, attempting to take everybody’s breath away during each song. If each member of the band were actively participating into this over-the top celebration, the charismatic showman-frontman Nik Phoeniks worked very hard to push the show to a new level
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Aug 01 Jenny Lewis Talks… Just Not To Us
It encompasses a grueling period during which Lewis’ father passed away, her band of more than a decade broke up, and she conquered two years of chronic insomnia. “All these things pushed me over the edge. In your mid-30s, you have to take inventory, or you’ll stumble.”
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Aug 01 Best Songs Through July 31st, 2014
The Ed Sheeran album isn’t great but two songs on it are great, and the Bleachers album isn’t great either but “Roller Coaster” and “Leave Your Lover” are both such terrific songs they are gonna be duking it out for the rest of the year for supremacy round our way. I love one more, but the other one is better
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Aug 01 Marshall Crenshaw’s Epic Request Show Returns To City Winery August 6th, 2014
Take a look at this back up band. Graham Maby, Joe Jackson band member since the Look Sharp era, on bass; Rich Pagnano, the Fab Faux’s Ringo, on drums, and Andy York of the tremendous rockabilly Jason And The Scorchers and more recently John Mellencamp’s band
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Aug 01 Best Albums Through July 31st, 2014
Moanin’ At Midnight – Tomas Doncker Band – Rewrites the story of Howlin’ Wolf for the 21st century by a man who defies pigeonholes, especially blues pigeonholes, but finds himself a blues star despite himself.
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Aug 01 10 Songs: Friday, August 1st, 2014
Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Ol’ Dirty Bastard – this has the addictive kick of the Sugarhill Gang, and which nobody would claim ODB was Wu Tang’s greatest rapper, nobody came close to his mix of aggression and self-deprecation, and let this be exhibit A – Grade: A
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Jul 31 Corners Residency At The Echo With Debt And Adult Book, Monday July 28th 2014
The cool thing with these residencies is that the crowd is full of musicians enjoying the set of other bands (I recognized at least one of the Mystic Braves), and my Silver Lake-Echo Park neighborhood looks like a big family of musicians packed inside the Echo, right?
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Jul 31 TicketNetwork Makes Nice With The FTC
In a nutshell, TN would make you redirect from a venue representing itself as the ‘official’ ticket seller for places like Radio City Music Hall. So the consumer felt they were buying direct but they were actually purchasing bumped up tickets from a reseller.
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Jul 31 Stream Michelle Shocked’s Silent New Album
She is releasing an LP entitled ‘Inaudible Woman’ consisting of 11 tracks, all totally silent. The ‘songs’ that you can stream on CD Baby (is this a joke or what?) are named after executives in the digital music world, such as SiriusXM executive Patrick Donnelly, Clear Channel executive Robert Walls,… and are available for download at $0.99 each
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Jul 31 Spotify-Viacom Deal A Biggie for The Streaming company
It seems to me Spotify have settled themselves after last years somewhat stalled growth (and I still think they have passed on the older generation before they had to), are back to taking over the world of streaming by storm. And I believe this is a future of music distribution (which is what we are discussing, of course
Posted 31 July 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment

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