People are often quite surprised when they go out to purchase a sign or banner from a company like Printmoz The vast majority of shoppers don’t have a firm idea of what they need. Nor do they know very much about the market. They know they need a sign and assume that the choices will be fairly limited. However, the reality is anything but that. The truth is that there’ a tremendous amount of variety to be found in the world of high quality signs.

For example, consider one of the most humble types of sign. The banner is one of the most commonly seen signs for good reason. It can be hung almost anywhere and doesn’t demand much in way of solid pre-existing infrastructure. If one can tie a cord to something than a banner is almost always going to prove the perfect fit. What’s more a banner can even be rolled up for easy transportation or storage.

Flags are similar in many ways to a banner. Many people don’t think of flags and signs as the same thing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that symbols communicate just as much as a written message. A flag can signal everything from a fun event to participation in a larger campaign. The only caveat is that proper flag usage requires a little more in the way of existing infrastructure than a banner. And one will ideally have an actual flag pole on hand to use with the flag.

If one wants to use a more traditional sign than a yard sign is one of the most cost effective solutions. One of the best things about this option is that it can scale up quite easily. People seldom use a single yard sign for advertising. They’ll instead purchase quite a few at the same time. Anyone who’s seen a political sign on someone’s lawn has seen effective use of yard signs. These also tend to come in various sizes to best meet both demand and budget.

Rigid plastic signs are usually the next step up for someone looking to buy a sign. These are extremely similar to a yard sign in appearance. In fact, one usually can’t tell the difference unless they’re right next to the sign. The main difference is that a rigid plastic sign can stand up to wear and tear more easily. This makes them an ideal sign for anyone who needs signs to ensure rough weather.

So far most of the signs covered are fairly simple. But what if someone wants a fancier sign which is built to attract notice? In those cases one might want to consider a back lit sign. The bulk of these signs is actually an internally lit box. The sign part is only an adhesive layer of vinyl.

Of course there’s more than one way to grab people’s attention. Sidewalk signs, also called a-frames, are printed signs with a plastic frame. These are typically used by placing them immediately outside a business. As the name suggests they’re primarily meant to be seen from a sidewalk.

Of course all of these options are just the beginning. There’s also a wide range of other choices one can look into. And one can often mix and match design methodologies into a single whole. The same goes for general advertising. For example, using both a banner and sidewalk sign to capture the attention of two different types of customer.