Talib Kweli At War With Twitter, After His Account Was Locked Following A Fight With A Racist Texas Attorney

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Talib Kweli


Twitter seems to be the last war zone, to an absurd and ridiculous manner. Hip hop recording artist Talib Kweli was silenced by Twitter after being violently threatened by an Alt-Right Texas Attorney. The social activist saw his Twitter account locked on Wednesday after a series of exchanges he had with J.L. Van Dyke (@RealJLVD).

The exchange was a flagrant example of how social media can be a platform for the most racist people on earth. This Van Dyke person has now disappeared from Twitter but many screen shots of his offensive tweets (taken by Kweli himself) are still visible:

‘Stupid Talib is trying to get a lynch mob on IG to physically attack my home, job & family. It wont end well for the attackers’ posted Van Dyke with a pic of a weapon, ‘the same one used to murder 26 people in Texas,’ as Kweli wrote. Another tweet showed a knot rope with ‘Look good and hard at this picture you f***** n**** It’s where I am going to put your neck’… no need for explanation.

There were many more of these violent racist tweets and murder threats and Van Dyke apparently continued his vile behavior for a while, but when Talib Kweli posted the Attorney’s address and phone number – info he said he found on a website called Findalawyer ran by the Texas bar association – Twitter locked his account.

In other words, Kweli was punished for making public information (that was already public by the way) about a racist man. ‘Are racist, violent business owners no longer held accountable in America?’ wrote Kweli in a longer tweet. ‘Twitter claims I am inciting harassment’ he continues, while this disgusting Van Dyke repeatedly used an extremist, violent, racist and homophobic language.

Unfortunately, Twitter seems to fail badly at defending human rights as it has continuously demonstrates an ill-warranted censorship, locking the accounts of ESPN’s Jemele Hill and actress Rose McGowan who were speaking out against injustices, while Twitter verified the accounts of white supremacists like Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer.

J.L. Van Dyke (@RealJLVD) has finally been suspended

‘Twitter saw fit to suspend him from Twitter but they think my posting of his public business address is to incite harassment’ wrote Talib. ‘This essentially means they only care about their culpability, but they don’t care about the community this ‘lawyer’ serves in real life. A lawyer who does this should have his very public contact info shared by everyone so that we as a community can demand accountability.
If someone is claiming to be a defense attorney and they are making extremely disparaging remarks, unprompted, to and about women, black people, anti fascists, gay people on top of threatening to kill these people, shouldn’t the community he serves have be able to have a place to call or an address to visit to express their grievances? If that is not the time to tell someone to contact a business, when is?’

Kweli had to delete his tweet stating Jason Lee Van Dyke’s public business information to be have his Twitter account reinstalled, and that’s a shame.

‘Getting back on Twitter is not my concern. Allowing a major corporation to say I harassed someone who tweeted me out of the blue making wild racist threats at me and those who support me is’ added Kweli… We all should be at war with Twitter until they review their shameful policies.


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