Taylor Swift And Kanye West: The Most Loathsome Pop Stars In The World

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I loved 1989 and I adore The Life Of Pablo, but really, have you ever met two such loathsome individuals? The last week has found a meltdown if epic proportions, Kanye West won’t sell his album and doesn’t want white people to review it. As for Taylor? She is so thin skinned she is translucent, she mistakes blind good luck for the voice of the people, her entire attitude towards streaming has been arrogant and mean-spirited, and she won’t stop lecturing everybody… plus, she should have laughed off Kanye West’s line… she keeps on wagging her finger like the world’s grandmother.

I don’t know when there have been two more completely loathsome greatest rock stars of the decade. Kanye’s run, the entire seven albums, is only equaled by Taylor’s first five albums. These are astounding achievements at the very highest level of pop music, they are major performances from big time musicians. If they would just shut the fuck up, maybe you could enjoy. Since 1989 hit the big time, Taylor has been relentlessly tone deaf, rude, arrogant, aggressively bizarre, with her pretty girl girlfriends, and ridiculous slam on Spotify, her terrible “Bad Blood” (man, was Kendrick’s heart elsewhere or what?) and refusal to take herself with the slightest ease, I’m uncomfortable watching her.

Kanye West is a nutcase, the man is a genius: listen to Sister Nancy’s original song and then listen to Kanye ‘s sample on “Famous” –same song, but man does he make it something special. But he won’t shut his stupid fucking mouth.  Has anybody ever spoken so much crap about so many things.

It pisses me off because I’d love to be a fanboy on these two artists and I can’t take them at all. They are pampered asshole rock stars, the sort punk rock was meant to kill off. I love theirmusic but I can’t look at them, they’ve forgotten what it means to live in the real world, they have make believe problems.


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