Taylor Swift At Adele Levels Of sales For 1989

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We know Taylor Swift is fishing for three more hit singles before she puts 1989, just so she can beat bad blood and then some enemy Katy Perry’s epic success story teenage dreams. Will she do it? She could but I am not certain.

While that would be pretty darn impressive, and she deserves it, there is another name worth conjuring: Adele. With worldwide sales of 8.5 Million and counting and a tour that goes through mid-December, there is an outside chance she could catch 21.

This would be impressive at any time, but keep in mind 2011 was a completely different age to 2015, streaming has decimated sales, and nobody has anything approaching the units moved that Swift has done.

If she manages to surpass 11 million units sold, I don’t know how you could possibly follow it. I’ve long felt that the sheer hugeness of Adele’s achievement paralyzed. She couldn’t see any way to compete with herself and fiddled and faddled for years on end (the promise is 26 will be out later this year, but who knows?).

When you are as big a star as Swift is (actually, it is still a little strange) all you can do is aim hire and she is doing and unlike Adele, she is used to te discipline necessary to produce a new album once every two years (and, may I wonder aloud, can we really expect a newbie next year??) .

Taylor Swift (2006)

Fearless (2008)

Speak Now (2010)

Red (2012)

1989 (2014)

It is definitely due.

Meanwhile, the US tour is a victory lap of sorts, 85 sold out shows… what is left after this? Movies? A record label, or at least imprint, of her own? All Taylor has to do is mention (hi Rachel Platten) and your career is made.

All well and good but the big price is not the six hit singles, it is beating out Adele but how is she going to do it? Currently 1989 is selling something like 50K units a week worldwide and she needs call it 4M more to do it… which means she has to maintain this level for about another year and a half…. And not release a new album in the meaning.

Stay tuned.


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