Taylor Swift At Metlife Stadium, Saturday, July 11th, 2015, Review

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There is no place like it, no place with an atom of its glory, pride, and exultancy. It lays its hand upon a man’s bowels; he grows drunk with ecstasy; he grows young and full of glory, he feels that he can never die.                                                                                                                 –  Walt Whitman

Welcome to New York!

When it comes to entrances, Taylor Swift knows how to make one.   The stage was lit-up by NYC at night (which we did not see because of our position) and 60,000 adoring fans wristbands handed out as we entered Metlife Stadium (infrared transmitter send commands to the receiver) resulting in an incredible light show. Fantastic and genius!

Taylor Swift is dressed in a brightly colored blue sequined jacket, black sequined halter and shimmery magenta mini with heels. It becomes obvious to me the lights in NYC have inspired her. Her wardrobe is an extension of the skyline – rich in color, illuminated and breathtaking. Remarkably different from her very classic look during the RED tour (which could be NYC day).

Swift takes us on an interesting journey throughout the show resulting in a more intimate experience for her fans.   She introduces us to her closest confidantes focusing on friendship, love and hope – sharing fun stuff they do together, talk about her crazy cats, why they appreciate her. As someone who is a bit reserved and often guarded, I find it a bit much, initially. Why all this talking and explaining? But this is Taylor Swift’s strength; connecting with her fans, an open book. Makes me wonder why she is so hated.


My daughters and I have been listening to Swift since they were five years old. Fearless was the first Pop album I purchased for them and we know every word to every song. Purchased tickets for the RED tour (and RED CD) for their 9th birthday and again tickets for the 1989 tour (and 1989 on iTunes) for their 11th birthday. Kathryn and Lillian brought their friend Richa, not one of their BFFs, but a nice young lady who is a HUGE T.S. fan. Love that they chose a friend they wanted to share the experience.
Taylor spends a good amount of time storytelling. Idolized by tweens, teens and young adults who hang on to every last word and every word is positive, encouraging and hopeful. If she reaches one child, she has done her job in the most responsible way. Richa’s Dad had a stroke fairly young (recovering nicely) and one can guess how challenging and difficult that can be for a family. Her Mom shared with me that she received a text from Richa explaining how Taylor said, “even though things are hard they will get better” and mentioned her Dad. It was a comforting moment for both. Of course, adults can see a light at the end of the tunnel but kids need more experience, growth to know things will improve and maybe they need to hear it from a super star to believe it.

In closing, I am a Taylor Swift fan but probably would not purchase her music or attend her concerts if I did not have eleven-year old daughters. The joy I receive through the eyes of my children is worth every penny. She continues to evolve and make it interesting for her fans. Each album has been very different and the concerts have been very entertaining and exciting.   Yes, Swift makes a boatload of money but she works her ass off. She is a lady and presents herself in the most positive way to her young fans. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate but we LOVE her


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