Taylor Swift Is Attempting To Trademark Her Lyrics Including Her Birth Date

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What about Swiftmas? Don’t even think about using such a word in your next review of Miss Swift’s album, because it could be all hers,… just like ‘1989’ and many many others. Earlier this year, we learnt that Taylor Swift wanted to trademark a few of her lyrics including ‘this sick beat’ and ‘Nice to meet you, where you been?’… some real gems as you can see. But she now wants more and according to the Independent, several trademark applications have been started for ‘Swiftmas’, ‘Blank Space’, ‘and I’ll write your name’, and ‘A Girl Named Girl’… how ridiculous does this sound?

The best part is that ‘A Girl Named Girl’ is allegedly an unpublished novel she wrote when she was 14… what is she waiting for? Does she save it for her retirement?

Trademarking these lyrics will prevent other people from using them about anywhere including on clothing, books and merchandise of all kinds. The bolder one is ‘1989’, how could Taylor possibly own a date? But be reassured, there is a condition to this one, the date has to be in stylized form, imitating the font on her album art…

I could understand filing for trademark for signature and creative lyrics but for ’and I’ll write your name’? Give me a break! And what about all these companies which have blank space in their title? Do they need to change their names?

According to Tantalizing Trademarks, Swift filed 20 trademarks, and you have to wonder what are the other ones, let me guess, ‘Bad Blood’? ‘Love Story’? ‘Shake it Off’? This woman is soon gonna own the entire Oxford dictionary of common place expressions. But if these are the most original lines she could find among all her songs, this says a lot about her lyrics.


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