Taylor Swift Is Bored Senseless

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Taylor Swift is bored senseless.

Every even year she releases a new album. It isn’t a bad idea, it is a great idea.

Odd years tour, write songs, take a six month break.

Even years record and release new albums.

Perfect, always worked for us, exactly where it’s at. You can set your watch by it. Tay is 26 years old, going on 27. The prime of her career, she will never be working on all these cylinders again, and she is dicking around with high profile romances, lying about Kanye (which is fine. he deserves it) and getting caught (which isn’t fine at all), travelling around the world with her celebrity girl posse, and general acting like a woman none of us have a thing in common with.

Since she got off the 1989 tour, every decision has been a dog. Look, I loved 1989 and I loved the tour, and I have been a Taylor fan so long I have even had contact with her. She kept busy and she kept smart, she never appeared like one of them, in a wolf vs poodle sense, she was a wolf all the way. Lanky, tom boy, boy crazy but also friend crazy, close to her fanbase, and sweet to her fanbase, Taylor had it all. Forget the music, I’m a fan, you’re not, but whatever. As pure pop politics it was genius and  she has dropped the ball.

About the time of Red, the boyfriends, a Kennedy here, a 1D there, became harder to stomach, her sweetness didn’t seem in keeping with her high profile. There was a disconnect. She lost her credibility, she lost her way.

Taylor needed to stop herself around the beginning of the year and get back to the studio. Things move fast and she needed to keep in the public eye but in a good way. A good way isn’t the Calvin Harris debacle followed by the Hiddleston disaster romance, and the entire Kanye West fiasco in which she managed to do the impossible: make Yeez the victim. He called her a bitch and she looked bad, how is it possible?  I hope she fired a handful of handlers for that disaster.

It’s all because Swift’s bored, if she was working, she wouldn’t have broken up with Harris, she needed to date a musician, someone who got it, while she was working. Instead, she went off to play SOME MORE and got nailed.

Most people, me for instance, get two weeks off a year, call it a month after all the holidays, but Taylor wants 18 months? She isn’t retired, do some damn work instead of having petty feuds and pathetic leaks. Concentrate on your art.

Yeah, a longer vacation than I’ve had in the past twenty years combined, Taylor Swift is bored senseless but destroying your credibility is no way to kill time.



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