Taylor Swift Is The Highest Paid Musician On The Planet

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Taylor Swift


It’s a man world? Not anymore, Forbes has ranked once again the highest-paid musicians according to their pretax income from June 2015 to June 2016, and four of the top five entertainers are women. The other big thing is the top position, occupied by no other than the fabulous Taylor Swift, and this can’t be that surprising after all! But if you apply simple math, Swift = Calvin Harris + Justin Bieber + The Weeknd, or Swift = 3 x Paul McCartney… and if this doesn’t tell you how powerful this woman is, I don’t know what will! According to Forbes, she isthe highest-paid celebrity of any stripe—on the planet’. Congrats, and Beyoncé can just hope for this fantastic number. It’s true that this $170 million includes product endorsements like Keds, Diet Coke, and Apple, and that’s called power! She is very much in control of her life and everything around her, and I bet this miss perfect will not even get a meltdown à la Kanye.

One Direction are the only males in this top 5, which is definitively dominated by an estrogen super trio Adele-Madonna-Rihanna, then come the older numbers like Garth Brooks, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, U2, all around a comfortable amount ($50-70 m), just like the new generation represented by Bieber and the Weeknd… Electronic is doing well with Swift’s ex beau Calvin Harris, as for hip hop, it doesn’t pay that much anymore, since Jay Z is alone on this list — I would say that Diddy doesn’t really count for a musician or a rapper anymore — way down the scale, much below country superstar Garth Brooks, even below Kenny Chesney.

The full top 20 highest-paid musicians:
1. Taylor Swift ($170m)

2.  One Direction ($110m)

3.  Adele ($80.5m)

4. Madonna ($76.5m)

5. Rihanna ($75m)

6.  Garth Brooks ($70m)

7. AC/DC ($67.5m)

8. Rolling Stones ($66.5m)

9. Calvin Harris ($63m)

10. Diddy ($62m)

11. Bruce Springsteen ($60.5m)

12. Paul McCartney ($56.5m)

13. Justin Bieber ($56m)

14. Kenny Chesney ($56m)

15. U2 ($55m)

16. The Weeknd ($55m)

17. Beyoncé ($54m)

18. Jay Z ($53.5m)

19. Luke Bryan ($53m)

20. Muse ($49m)


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