Taylor Swift Loses Her Mojo

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My 20s were a nightmare that I nearly didn’t make it out alive, I was such a stinker I ended up completely friendless and alone with no idea how to make my way out… in many ways problems of my own making, as well as the usual sling and arrows. By the time I reached 29 I began to work my way out. Justin Bieber had a similar problem when he was in his late teens, and Taylor Swift, after a flawless late teens and early 20s, seems to have gone completely tone deaf and has lost her mojo, culminating in missteps she should be well beyond.

I am sure there is a Taylor Swift behind the Taylor Swift and always has been, she may have always been the girl in the bleachers praying for the girls on the cheerleading squad to breakdown and break their necks, their might have always been a mean girl behind the sweet girl. Nobody cares. What matters is how she presented herself to the public.

Taylor’s downfall began  about shortly after Kanye West ruined her VMA movement in 2009. Taylor was furious with Kanye for ruining her big moment and seven years later she got her chance, telling Kanye he could use her name anyway he wanted to, and then denying it. A great move of course, except Kanye’s wife tape the phone call. Nice one, Kim. Taylor got it on the neck and responded with the disappointing “Look What You Made Me Do,” a mea culpa but also an explanation with her “all i see is karma”. Even if it was a great song, and this isn’t just about Kanye I might add, the karma is, in fact, lousy. It exudes bad vibes.

So does Taylor.

She has been on a huge roll of what is wrong with her moments. The fanclub getting caught burning 100s of fan letters, the Kennedy debacle, Calvin Harris -a Scots guy seemed completely bemused by Taylor’s media manipulation, Tom Hiddleston who hit the road not because of those horrid walking on the beach pictures, but because he didn’t get James Bond. The entire Katy Perry nonsense. The only time she got it right in two years was the sexual harassment court case. Almost its equal in stupidity was stealing Global Citizen’s idea of gaining points towards a free ticket to the Central Park concert by performing good acts and putting it towards PAYING FOR Taylor Swift tickets. Pretty lame, right. It’s like she is having a public breakdown of epic proportions, everything she managed with ease is a massive mistake now. Releasing Reputation on the tenth anniversary of Kanye West’s mom’s death is so bad that even if it was just chance, she should still change it.

I, personally, like “Look What You Made Me Do”… it hits me as though it is the most human Taylor we have ever seen. The world has gone well past caring about her and Kanye, but she can’t let go at all. For all its weakness, it is very theatre of the real, very a dropping of the mask, neither the new nor the old Taylor, but the real Taylor, like it or not.

The album will tell the story, or part of the story at least. It should be absolutely huge and the tour will be bigger, but Taylor has managed to mistake her way through the past two years, and if she isn’t careful she is about to become a first rate second rater, a Selena Gomez… except Selena had “Bad Liar” this year.


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