Taylor Swift Nicer To Her Fans Than You Are

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Whatever you might think about Taylor Swift, her relationship with her fans sure appears to be one of a kind. If she is faking it, how is she faking it? As Taylor noted at her concert in July, she considered herself to have three types of friends

1 – Her family and personal friends

2 -The folks she tours with

3 –  Her millions of social media fans.

It is the latter that gives her the sort of relationship that Lady gaga had and then lost as she went Hollywood: in reality, there is no easy way to maintain it except through maintaining it and that is what Taylor has done, it allows her to speak directly to her fans, over the heads of the media, and even of other artists and connect in a real manner. Strange but true, right?

Avril Lavigne responded with a “Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all Love our fan.”

That is one of the more asinine comments in recent history, the truth is that $250 a shot, Avril should be ashamed she can’t even get within arms length of the poor girl and all Taylor did was like it. I am not an all Taylor all the time guy (at least not this year), but she is miles ahead of nearly everybody not the late great Davy Jones when it comes to the fanbase.


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