Taylor Swift Sells Out

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How much do you leave on the table? Taylor Swift figures that with her dynamic pricing of tickets she won’t sell out any gigs and still make 15% more from ticket sales. Nice… but, when it is the difference between $250M and $270M, why not sell it out and leave some money on the table?

This is a fight between ticket sellers and ticket brokers with the consumer in the middle getting screwed over. the Swiftian concept was to make her ticket prices so expensive that the resale market couldn’t touch it and while you, Mr. and Mrs Swiftie, don’t REALLY CARE who you buy off, it did put the $ back in Taylor’s pockets.

That’s the plus… here’s the minus. A fifteen date tour of stadiums sold out from one end to another is a statement of power not just for Taylor but also for her fans, if you can get tickets, why get tickets. Her 2015 tour made less money but it was a better product, it was more exciting, more exclusive, and simply more fun. Everybody wants to be a part of a sell out audience, it brings its own edgy coolness, with those less fortunate just an added plus, a schadenfreude to the nth degree: not only did you get to go but they didn’t get to go. Half the fun of a concert is the actual getting of the tickets.Swift, who, despite claims to the opposite, did not raise her rates after the first round of sales, she lowered them. People who jumped on tickets got stiffed in ways they don’t on Stubhub: it was a concentrated insult.

If Taylor hadn’t (though she did of course) shown the dents in the superstar’s firewall, well, her inability to sell out a single show on her Reputation tour, whether by chance or design, looks terrible enough for her to appear a mere mortal.  She can say what she wants but for the sake of a measly $20M Taylor has proven herself a merely mere superstar, she gave up her crown for filthy lucre. There could have been nothing better, even if it was an illusion, then a full page ad with all 36 dates sold out: it  would have been invaluable. It would be like a sign post with GOAT plastered upon it, and, in effect she gave that away for pocket change.


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