Taylor Swift’s Favorite Songs? Wouldn’t Be Bad If She Was A 13 Year Old Girl

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I hate to say it, but somewhere along the line Taylor Swift became the Dolores Umbridge of pop music. There is something so pink and fluffy and pussy cat pictures on the wall like a veneer over a torturous ruthless hard as nails business wonders who would love to torture, at the very least, Katy Perry.

Plus you has the musical taste of a hyperactive 13 year old  which leads us to this post, a couple of days ago Taylor Instagrammed her favorite songs. Now far be it for me to sneer at a woman so rich and powerful and to be honest, this is pretty good mainstream pop. On the other hand, I am something of a 13 year old girl myself…

No Words – Erik Hassle – Swedish EDM soul pop guy, this is completely by the numbers pseudo soul – C

Mine – Phoebe Ryan  – Not crazy about the instrumentation or arrangement, al;l a little obvious, but the song itself is killer synth-pop. That makes one for Taylor – B+

Poetic – Seinabo Sey – Back to the Netherlands, it is a fine song but awfully synthetic deep feel  – B

How I Want Ya – Hudson Thames, Hailee Steinfeld – Two pretty movie stars, one pretty pop hookathon, that little piano run in the background is money in the bank – B+

New Obsession – Frankie – OK. I think I’m done with this particular sound. Sticky EM pop – B-

Alive – Kehlani – Nice voice, r&b chick, Chance The Rapper has a good song on her album, this is IK – B

I’m Yours – Alessia Casa – Cmon, more of the same of the pop soul Taylor apparently loves so much – C

Sleep On It – Emmi – EDM pop gloss from, ta dah, Finland – C+

Return To The Moon – El Vy – This is Matt Berninger of The National vanity project. Exactly like you think it is and a little worse, though I admit it has always taken the National awhile to grow on me – B-

Swords – M.I.A. – I loved this when it first came out, using the clank of swords as a backing track. Terrific – A

It’s Strange – Louis The Child – somewhere between tropical house and future bass; genre-less, but lovely just the same. With its smooth chords, classic marimbas, and K.Flay’s dark and smoky voice permeating the soundscape, this is definitely a late night or early morning jam for all you sad kids out there -nice review, though I didn’t write it, I took it off Your EDM. Me, I think it is a slow doze bore – C-



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