Taylor Swift’s “MySpace” Page Revisited

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God save Allison P. Davis (and Helen Bach who pointed it out to me) for this article on Taylor Swift’s myspace page, dating from 2005. How ever normal she is now (not so much), she was really normal at the age of sixteen!

There may well be questions here but the main one is this: did we really once love in a world Tay used the “f” word with impunity, spreading it all over the world at large like a grand dose of hipster hucksterdom with tears on her pillow and an absolute refusal to allow herself to suffer through the brutality of sonically youthful coming of age.

Meanwhile, the hits were beginning to: not one year later there was “Our Song” and “Tim McGraw” and “Tears On My Guitar” (the latter featuring her painting her toenails on the video) and nothing would be the same again.

Check it much more here for the Tay fanatics among us.

And a quote from 2009: “When I was younger, I was always that little kid who would run around picking up used sparklers off the ground and I would inevitably pick up the SCALDING HOT BURNING end that was still smoldering. Then cue the screaming bloody murder in front of everyone and running into the house to ice your hand. All the adults are shaking their heads because they saw you do the same thing last year. Gotta love humiliating childhood memories. Wish me luck this year. I think I’m gonna wear gloves.”



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