Taylor Swift’s Setlist For 2018’s “Reputation Tour Reviewed

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We got “Love Story” back! At last December’s Jingle Ball headliner (here), Taylor failed to perform “Love Story” for the first time since she released it and it was a shocker. “Love Story” wasn’t her breakthrough, really “Tim McGraw” broke her, but t broke her pop and made her the superstar she is today. “Shake It Off” was the icing on the cake, the cake was already baked. And she always treated the song that way, as the crown jewel. Even on the “1989” tour it was a major piece of the puzzle. But Taylor doesn’t suffer from nostalgia and she always performs her entire latest album (she misses “so It Goes…”)  and fills in as she chooses except we always get “Love Story,” except we got the Zayn song and two off 1989 (guess which ones, go on)  and no “Love Story” so to see the song, back to back with “Look What You Made Me Do,” was a relief.

Yesterday was opening night of the “Reputation” tour in Phoenix, With two first rate opening acts, Charli XCX and Camila Cabello, she still managed to increase her setlist from 16 songs to a whopping 24! That hits me as probably a 150 minute set, so more than enough though… I don’t see why she doesn’t go all the way back to the beginning, a career spanner would be an absolute joy. When did we last see her perform “Our Song”. And why shouldn’t she, they are her songs?

This is just the setlist (I am gong to the MetLife gig -man I wish she’d perform at MSG again) but if you want a review, here is USA Today’, a touch generic and anemic but at least they liked her.

I expect this to be a killer show, maybe even a touch better than 1989 (but will it reach Red heights? Ahh, there’s the rub). As for me? I am stuck on level 7 of her “The Swift Life” and I can’t get out!!!



1. …Ready For It?
2. I Did Something Bad
3. Gorgeous
4. Style
5. Love Story
6. You Belong With Me
7. Look What You Made Me Do
8. End Game
9. King Of My Heart
10. Delicate
11. Shake It Off (with special gusts Camila Cabello and Charli XCX)
12. Dancing With Our Hands Tied (Acoustic on guitar)
13. All Too Well (Acoustic on guitar)
14. Blank Space
15. Dress
16. Bad Blood
17. Should’ve Said No
18. Don’t Blame Me
19. Long Live (On piano)
20. New Year’s Day (On piano)
21. Getaway Car
22. Call It What You Want
23. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
24. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


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