That Was The Week That Was: September 14th. 2015

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Live: A busy week for concerts peaked early and high with Madonna at Madison Square Garden, a friend of mine is very close to a guy who is very close to Madonna and swears next time he can get me a great seat for $400. My friend was front row, and if Madge comes back round with Rebel Heart, I can seriously imagine doing it, Yes, that good.

Recorded: Ended the week with the Ryan Adams 1989 (Grade: C) (my review here) but can life move any faster? With the release of the Drake meets Future mixtape What A Time To Be Alive (Grade: B+), this morning we are already past it. How can album be old before it is released. As for Drake slash Future? It doesn’t have that one track that pulled mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, but it is still very good.

Awards: Since I work in TV I don’t really deal with TV when I am not working so Jon Hamm, Jon Stewart -yeah, see ya don’t wanna be ya awards. The big deal isthe ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ star won Best Actress in a Drama Series Viola Davis. Hardly the first black President now is it? And Tracey Morgan? Welcome back.

Television: The return of Dr. Who and I am still not crazy over Peter Capaldi and even less crazy over his sidekick Jenna Coleman -Coleman is leaving to star as Young Queen Victoria…. she is certainly annoying enough.

Politics: Russia in Syria? Let em… it is an expensive little move and the rewards are not that great. The smartest thing Obama did was not getting pulled into the mess: if the enemy of my enemy is my friend than who do you root for when every choice is the one before. If your team is gonna get crucified, why not stay home?

The Pope: In Cuba… the hype is getting to me.

This Week: The Pope in the US, Chinese leader in the US, A$AP Rocky at Theatre at MSG.



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