"The Adventures Of Tintin" Reviewed (More Or Less)

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As a child I was a comic book addict and Herge's cartoon novels "The Adventures Of Tintin" were the very best. The story of a reporter in Paris and the wild things to happen to him was more than just a colorful story, it was artistry. There is a pull page cartoon in "The Calculus Affair" of a series of spiralling slapstick calamities that deserves sticking in the Lourve.

But it has defied being made into a motion picture. A couple of animated features were unspeakable and a French live action feature was worse.

Spielberg fails as well. But I don't see how he could succeed.

Since the success lies in the medium, even live action animation isn't gonna solve the problem.That doesn't mean Spielberg's action adventure isn't a doozy. Watched in IMAX 3D it is a thrill ride oand a half. But it doesn't have the Herge magic. The cipher in the middle, Tintin himself, remodelled so he looks as if he is babout to join All Time Rush, there is something ice cold in Jamie Bell's portrayal (first Spielberg filmed it with real people, than he uses motion capture and so is able to use animated characters which frees Spielberg to put em through action sequences Indiana Jones couldn't umagine.

"The Adventures of Tintin" is the story of a race for buried treasure between the ancestors of Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis with, bizarrely enough, a Scottish accent) and Ivan Sakharine – a descendant of the pirate red Rackham. And it is a doozy with one of the most exciting chase sequences between afolks in a car, on a motorbike, an eagle and a dog through the streets of Morroco. It all ends with the promise of a part two.

The problem is, it doesn't really capture the spirit of Herge's original: the weird mix of comedy and humanity and the endless number of characters who show up throught out the books.I don't think the problem was fixable and a Tintin maniac such as myself was bound to be disappointed.

Musically, the score is by John Williams (you know, Star Wars,ET, -geez, just about everything Williams) and the opening credits is really good. A kinda tinkling run sound that evokes the cartoons pretty well. The only other music is a short musical interlide by the Milanese Nightgingale "Bianca castafiore". The plan is, when she hits the high notes it wil shatter the glass protecting a model sgip which has a treasure map in it so the baddies can steal it. Pretty, funny, eh?

Movie: B+

Music: B


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