The Aftermath Of David Lynch’s Signing At Amoeba: Many eBay Listings!

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David Lynch meeting fans


The recent David Lynch signing at Amoeba gave me a lot to think about. The event had sold out before 10 am the day tickets went on sale, and it didn’t surprised me a bit as the craziness and hype surrounding the Twin Peaks author has reached insane proportions.

‘I had to sit in line from 2am to 1030 am two weeks ago to get a ticket’ commented someone on my page…. No wonder I couldn’t get a ticket! They went on sale on a Friday morning at 8am, and for people with a normal job, it was completely impossible get a ticket.

I was not ready to camp outside anyway, and I don’t know how many people did it since the line was not supposed to form before 5 pm according to Amoeba’s website. In any case, I wandered inside the store during the signing, and saw hundreds of people bringing about anything they wanted, CDs, vinyl, photos, posters, books, caps and even guitars. David signed everything, and looking at the ‘high’ visible on the faces of people coming back from the signing, Lynch had what we can call ‘a moment’ with many of them.

All this is cool, but I had the time to observe the strange behavior of a group of people in the store, who looked really organized. It seemed that a woman was ‘directing’ the operation, these people had piles of stuff (posters, photos and vinyl) already signed, and apparently they were not only able to get tickets and had all this signed?? It surprised me a bit because it was a lot of stuff and they did hung out inside the store for a long time. I am not sure what was their strategy and I watched them cautiously put their signed objects inside plastic sheets for protection. My immediate thought was that they were not regular fans but autograph hunters. I just wondered why the woman in charge was asking them if they needed to be relayed to go pee somewhere??? Did that mean they had been around for hours? And in this case, why? Their stuff was signed so why weren’t they leaving?

I will never know exactly what was going on but my suspicions were correct. Checking eBay is very easy and it turns out that many of these vinyl, photos, posters were already on sale on eBay this morning for insane prices ($500-745). And these people have absolutely no shame, as they announce in the listing that the ‘item was signed on 9/22/2017 at Amoeba Records in Hollywood for a Twin Peaks Release Record Signing.’ It’s like admitting, I am an asshole who buys tickets for signing events, and I am asking this much money because you loser, were not able to get a ticket and I was!

This is awful, after wondering why Amoeba was so permissible (usually signings are limited to one piece per person) I checked what was actually posted on line:

– Limited to in-store purchases made at Amoeba Hollywood only
– 1 ticket per album purchased, max 2 per person
– 2 copies of Twin Peaks soundtracks per person allowed for signing
– David Lynch will sign ONE additional item per person. No exceptions. (i.e. if you are getting two Twin Peaks soundtracks signed, you may have ONE additional item signed – not two.)

So I can’t explain the piles of objects these people had.

Back in March, Joshua Homme got sued by an autograph chaser, because the Queens of the Stone Age frontman discovered what this was about and ‘verbally assaulted the guy’ while ‘grabbing him around the shoulder area’. This happened in Detroit, during an afterparty following a Post Pop Depression show with Iggy Pop. I met Joshua twice, he signed my setlist and was adorable each time, so I am sure he had good reasons to scream at this guy, who probably wanted to sell the autograph for a lot of money,… he was also trying to get Iggy’s autograph by the way.

Joshua was right to scream at that money-grabbing jerk, It will never be okay in my book to make money by reselling autographs or ticket concerts for a little fortune. It’s easy money made at the band or celebrity’s expense, it’s dishonest. But looking at all these new listings on eBay, this kind of business is not ready to disappear.

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One Response to “The Aftermath Of David Lynch’s Signing At Amoeba: Many eBay Listings!”

  1. Angelos

    At least the items seem to be genuinly signed by Lynch.. Thats something, as i am pretty sure people have paid crazy money for fake signatures. I can see how a wealthy fan located in europe would spend 500 for a signed vinyl when in order to go and get it himself in LA would cost much more. Sure, you talk about immoral people taking advantage of the artist and making a fortune but in the end it ends up to the fans where it should be.. These scums could have been getting an item and then copying the signature themselves in multiple other items wich would be even worst!


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