The Apple – Beats Deal For Dummies

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Dr. Dre And Eddie Cue: Saving Music One dollar At A tTme

Dr. Dre Amd Eddie Cue: Saving Music One dollar At A time

“Music is dying”, says Apple executive Eddie Cue, the man responsible for the Apple buy out of Dre and Iovine’s beats according to Hypebot: “Music is dying,” Cue said in an onstage interview yesterday at the Code Conference in LA. “It hasn’t been growing. You see it in the number of artists. This past year in iTunes, it’s the smallest number of new releases we’ve had in years.”

It is hard to know where to begin with this stuff but let’s start by saying OK, music is dying, how the hell does Apple buying Beats change anything at all. Let’s be real straight as to the thinking here; it isn’t about Iovine, it isn’t about Dre or giving music a shot in the arm. It is much simpler: Apple needed a streaming service but couldn’t start their own Apple Streaming without losing ITunes , so they bought Beats. That’s it folks… everything else is bullshit. Nothing else matters Iovine Schmovine. You think Jimmy is gonna effect Apple? How??? This is like Google buying Youtube only without the foresight. Apple had zero choice. They could go after Pandora with IRadio, but they couldn’t make a move on Spotify without destroying Itunes.

Eddie Cue is being silly. If he means that the music business is dying, well, welcome to 2002, now fuck off. And if he means music is dying, he is sillier still. How can music die as long as people live? Music is organic, it isn’t a business, it is like saying the music birds make will die. Perhaps, but only if all the birds die.

The music business is in a state of flux and it has become extremely difficult but not impossible to break through. Essentially, I go along with Bob Lefsetz, up your streaming numbers and you can sell out concerts and sell merchandize at the concerts.

But as for the Apple- Beats deal, well, it is fairly self-evident, isn’t it?

Plus, a piece of advice, ITunes needs to be remodeled, it is too difficult to creat lists, etc. The damn thing is archaic.

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