The Beastie Boys In Los Angeles

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With the sad passing of Adam Yauch, all kinds of tributes are going on everywhere. If the Beastie Boys were from New York, they certainly were also deeply connected with Los Angeles culture and a map of the Beastie Boys LA landmarks was set up by local radio KPCC.


First of all, I realized not too long ago that I live very close to the Beastie Boys’ old studio, G-Son Studios in Atwater Village, where they recorded ‘Check Your Head’ and many other influential records. The building now houses different companies like X-Large Clothing and Mad Decent Records and you can watch this video if you want to know more about what happened to G-Son studios.


X-Large, the store on Vermont in Los Feliz still exists. The clothing brand was founded and owned by the Beastie Boys and was selling its unique representation of utilitarian, hip-hop, sport and skateboard clothing as fashion.


Of course there is the Hollywood Palladium where the Beastie Boys played their first show as headliners with Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash, and the famous Capitol Record that released ‘Paul’s Boutique’.


Grand Royal, their record label, founded in conjunction with Capitol Records, was based in Los Angeles, and Grand Royal also became a magazine. Their Grand Royal Records Party were held at the Los Feliz Golf Course in the mid 1990s.


The Record Plant, the 16-track studio where the Beastie Boys mixed a portion of ‘Paul Boutique’ , is still on 8456 West Third Street near La Cienega Boulevard.


Then, there are the videos, in ‘Netty’s Girl’, Mike D sings in a paddle boat sailing over Echo Park lake, and in ‘Sabotage’, the three of them are all over LA, even throwing off a fake body in the LA River


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