The Black Cards Cancel Shows Due To Injury

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The Black Cards have had to cancel a few tour dates due to Pete Wentz injured his ankle, the same one that he broke a few years ago.  The band's Twitter read:

"unfortunately due to Pete injuring his ankle last night, we have to pull off of the upcoming shows. we'll make it up to you guys soon!"

Pete's Twitter said:

"Ugh thrashed my ankle last night. Same one I broke a few years ago. Not good"

Interestingly enough, back when Wentz was in Fall Out Boy, he did the entire tour in a cast and was still as energetic and active as ever.  As soon as he injures his ankle, shows are cancelled for The Black Cards.  I don't think that Pete's heart is really in it, because he's not even going to try and do shows while injured. 

Wentz should take this as a sign that Fall Out Boy should just get back together already.

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