The CBGB Movie?

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Call me a snob call me what you will but this whole CBGB revival thing is making me ill.  Someone should have just saved the damn club instead of allowing it to become a poshy designer shop.  Instead we will now be barraged with tributes and swag.  A film?  This is the most horrifying bit of it all.  How can actors portray these legends and why on Earth would we want to see it?  I suppose these are fine actors who have been announced for the upcoming movie but personally I don't know how anyone can fill Joey Ramones shoes.

Alan Rickman will portray Hilly Krystal and thats all well and good cuz he was the name behind the venue but the rest?

Joel David Moore (Avatar): Joey Ramone

Julian Acosta (Thin Red Line): Johnny Ramone

Stana Katic (Castle): Genya Ryan (CBGB performer)

Malin Akerman: Deborah Harry of Blondie

Rupert Grint: Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys

Estelle Harris (George's mom on Seinfeld): Bertha Kristal, Hilly's mom

How the hell can the dude for Avatar be Joey and what gives him the gaul to accept that challenge?  I guess it can be considered historic value but really I don't expect much but a shot at profit.  I predict it to tank harder than Water World and I worry that the portrayal of this legendary stop will be forever skewed and romanticized. 

Filming begins in GEORGIA on June 25.  Yes Georgia, adding to the ridiculousness of this entire project


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