"The Circle of Life" Lebo Moraki and Carmen Twillie, Reviewed

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Easily the most misunderstood of all Disney songs is "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King. Think. Do you really know the words to the beginning part? Exactly; nobody does.

However, confusion aside, it's a beautiful song that I just recently re-heard. I've been in quite a nostalgic mood, music-wise, so I decided to give a listen to the original Lion King soundtrack. It is the greatest opening scene to any of the films Disney's ever done. In fact, that any animated film has ever done.

It is so honest, and touching. The way all of the creatures congregate gives me chills every time. We see animals as these objects for our benefit, be it entertainment or food or whatever else, and here they're almost humanized. They have their own customs and traditions that we ignore, and in Disney's own special way, they make it obvious so we understand.

As for the tune, it just makes you want to hold your cat up in the air and sing it at the top of your lungs. It's beautifully composed; the start being a Capella makes it dynamic because by the end it has a filling, full sound with an array of instruments that makes it timeless. Also, the song is incredibly universal. The fact that it isn't one specific genre, or is too "musical" or "Broadway" makes it unisex, and relatable for anyone. The touchy subject of life and death is made understandable and comforting with the song, because it's so positive and uplifting. The vocals are so passionate, and you can feel the strength. I can't help but tear up. There's no movie that can make me want to cry at just three minutes in.

Relive your childhood, tear up, hold your pet above your head


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