The Cover Of The New Morrissey Novel

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“Morrissey has revealed the cover art and release date for his forthcoming debut novel, List Of The Lost”.

The former Smiths frontman released his autobiography back in 2013, when it was controversially published immediately as a Penguin Classic.

Last week, Morrissey fan site True-To-You, the means by which Morrissey releases all of his official statements, announced that Penguin will now publish his first ever novel in September.

Today, True-To-You revealed the novel’s cover art, which you can see below, and its release date – 24 September in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.”

OK. so that’s the story and please note no US release date.

I loved the Morrissey memoir more than just about everybody I know, I thought it was genius from one end to the other and in its first 100 pages or so had a Dickensian quality that was unlike any rock star story in my memory. Morrissey is one of a kind, for sure, and if he is so eccentric he is insane, what does that make everybody else?

The cover looks like somewhere between a relay race and Tom Courtney is “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner”, and the list, is that what he is handing off? It is all very virile man from the late 1950s early 1960s, being masculine with other men -a thrill ride if ever there was one.



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