The Cyrus Family Together Again

Written by | March 20, 2011 0:02 am | No Comments

Billy Ray went on The View Friday to tell the world they Cyrus's were back!!!
After a year from hell filled with family feuds, pending divorces, rumors of infidelity, and Miley Cyrus, up to her neck in stripper poles and legal highs, Billy has set the world straight!
1. He is back with Miley mommy and mom of his four kids after a near divorce.
2. He loved Hannah Montana and he loved Disney and never meant to say other wise.
3. Twas Fame killed the Beast.
4. His relationship with Miley is better than it has been since pre-Hannah Montana!!
Most fortuitous for Miley.
Dr. Luke is producing Miley's next album. The man with the golden touch was responsible for "Party In The USA".
So congrats to all. I've always liked Miley and I am happy to see that she is through the worst of it.

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