The Day After Paris Terrorist Attack, Bob Dylan Performed In Switzerland, Saturday November 14th, 2015, Reviewed

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FILE - This July 22, 2012 file photo shows U.S. singer-songwriter Bob Dylan performing on stage at "Les Vieilles Charrues" Festival in Carhaix, western France. The icon is on the cover of AARP magazine’s February/March 2015 issue. He says in the interview that “if I had to do it all over again, I’d be a schoolteacher.” (AP Photo/David Vincent, file)

Yes, indeed. Unlike Madonna, who made some grand pronouncements about it, and unlike Dave Grohl, who bravely turned around and fled, Bob Dylan performed at the Musical Theatre Basel, in Basel Switzerland, Saturday night

Here is a review by Mark Rogers off the Expecting Rain website (here):

There was security at tonight’s show whereas last night there was none. Last night you could walk right into the venue with no checks at all. Tonight we had to line up and go past a security guy at the door. Then we were frisked and bags were searched by further security just inside the door. I assume (and hope) that the doors were closed during the performance. It was not an airport-level search but things had changed.

The atmosphere was not tense. Nor could I detect any strong emotion in the air regarding the terrible events in Paris. The audience generally wanted to clap and whoop and have a good time. Some at the back even tried to dance. In fact, many seemed to want a rock show. They were at the wrong gig.

I wish I could say that the songs took on an extra poignancy or something, but they didn’t (at least not to me). The show went on, and that is all.

Bob rushed through Blowin’ in the Wind and made a hash of the second verse.

It was a better show than last night. The sound was improved. The band and Bob were livelier, when last night they were a bit sluggish.

It was my last show of the tour. My abiding memory of tonight’s performance will be Charlie’s exquisite playing. He really shone on Scarlet Town and All Or Nothing At All, finding a beautiful, sweet tone. Chapeau, as they say in France.

It was also a pleasure to run into Johanna on the way out (as everyone else was still clapping for another encore and Bob was already on the road to Austria). Safe travelling to you, Johanna, and maybe we’ll meet again someday.”

Me? I think simply showing up was good enough and how. Yet again, the great bard shows the world what Americans, and entertainers, think of terrorism. The Jewish maestro thumbed his nose at them.


Set 1:
Things Have Changed

She Belongs to Me

(Bob center stage on harp)
Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

(Bob on piano)

What’ll I Do

(Irving Berlin cover)

Duquesne Whistle

(Bob on piano)

Melancholy Mood

(Frank Sinatra cover)

Pay in Blood
Come Rain or Come Shine

(Harold Arlen cover)

Tangled Up in Blue

(Bob on harp then on piano)
Set 2:
High Water (For Charley Patton)
Why Try to Change Me Now

(Cy Coleman cover)

Early Roman Kings

(Bob on piano)

The Night We Called It a Day

(Frank Sinatra cover)

Spirit on the Water

(Bob on piano)
Play Video
Scarlet Town

Play Video
All or Nothing at All

(Frank Sinatra cover)

Long and Wasted Years

Play Video
Autumn Leaves

(Yves Montand cover)

Blowin’ in the Wind

(Bob on piano)

Love Sick


5 Responses to “The Day After Paris Terrorist Attack, Bob Dylan Performed In Switzerland, Saturday November 14th, 2015, Reviewed”

  1. Susan gunn

    Hey appreciated your words about the Concert of old man Dylan….even more of interest is you including playlist of songs. Even though I’m just a humble fan of the Great Man being the ONLY man on earth I’d love to sit down with & chat awhile….it’s fun to dream about him so far afield..doin
    his thing what he does best oblivious & out of time ,without speeches or sanctimonious speeches,
    Getting older & just keepin on keepin on….as we all are. ..
    and YOU were there by chance or design & was impressed with some of the playin on Scarlet Town
    Which makes me realize how lucky Charlie is because Dylan must dig his playing too as you did.
    I enjoyed your article.

  2. The fish

    lol that last comment is ridiculous. if Dylan were to make an announcement saying “maybe one of y’alls a terrorist” before calling a drone strike on the crowd then you could say he represented American attitude towards terrorism. And lol at the Jewish maestro. Since when?

    • admin

      as opposed to spain and Italy, which is what Foo Fighters pulled out of, or Austria and Italy, which are next on Dylan’s itinary



  1.  The Day After Paris Terrorist Attack, Bob Dylan Performed In Switzerland, Saturday November 14th, 2015, Reviewed

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