The Death Of Chris Cornell Is Raising Questions

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Conspiracy Theories have bad press, they tend to come from the darkest corners of the internet, but when things don’t add up they simply don’t. At rock nyc we have abundantly written about singer songwriter Elliott Smith’s death, not because it is a conspiracy theory but because the official story simply didn’t make sense at so many levels and many questions have remained answered… I also have questioned Brett Morgen’s intentions when he made ‘Montage of Heck’, the documentary about Kurt Cobain and I have reviewed ‘Soaked in Bleach’, once again rightfully asking questions about the Nirvana frontman’s death

So, yes, you are probably gonna say, here we go, another conspiracy theory, because there’s always one when a rock star commits suicide, because fans never accept that someone they like can take his life. It’s especially a very harsh and selfish act when there are children. But again, this post has nothing to do with denial and refusing to accept a story because I don’t like it. This has everything to do with questioning the story that is presented to us, because once again things don’t add up or are, at the very least, questionable.

I am talking about Chris Cornell’s death of course, it didn’t take long, a few days after his tragic death, people all over the internet are asking questions and wondering about the official story. I have questions too, and I wasn’t even a Soundgarden or Audioslave fan. It’s not about denial, it’s about being rational and not always accepting what is sold to us.

This website published an opinion piece raising some valid questions that I am going to report here too. Beside the fact that Cornell had many good reasons to continue to live, reasons like having a family with young children, a charity for abused/living in poverty children, that he wanted to extend with a recent trip in a war-torn area, a new album in preparation and a successful tour, the details of his alleged suicide are strange.

As it was reported elsewhere, his bodyguard was the last person to see him alive, he was the one who gave Cornell two pills before his death, according to a police report, and may be I don’t know everything about bodyguards, but why he should be the person giving meds? Plus he came to Cornell’s room to fix his computer, shortly before his death, and following Soundgarden concert in Detroit. Why did Cornell ask for his computer to be fixed if he wanted to kill himself a few minutes later?

The bodyguard, whose name is Martin Kirsten, was called 45 minutes later by Vicky, Cornell’s wife, because she was worried about him. The door was locked, Kirsten asked hotel management to open the door, they refused, so he kicked in the singer’s room door and found him dead on the bathroom floor.

Kirsten is a very experienced bodyguard (he was Heidi Klum’s body guard, and I will go back to this part later) but he waited for paramedics to do CPR and apparently didn’t try to resuscitate Cornell himself. At least, this is what was reported by people who had access to the police report.

Even though the family (especially his wife and mother in law) have publicly disputed the fact that Cornell took his life deliberately, the question of possible murder was not mentioned anywhere in mainstream media, the family is simply saying the singer was under the influence of Ativan, which made him suicidal.

The other thing is that Martin Kirsten barely is a recommendable person, I know these sources come from tabloids but it was widely reported. You have to wonder why Kirsten, who became Heidi Klum’s boyfriend shortly after (even during?) her separation from singer Seal, received costly presents from Klum when the pair broke up last January. She bought him a house for his mother in South Africa and gave him money ‘in an effort to keep him quiet’, reports the Daily Mail. Having such questionable behavior doesn’t make Kirsten a suspect in Cornell’s case, but people with questionable ethics are often around tragedies like this one.

Then there is the method used by Cornell to kill himself, the hanging with an exercise band that he attached to a carabiner (a device used by mountain climbers) at the top of his hotel bathroom door. Cornell was found on the floor, and without all the details we can only speculate… why was he on the floor? Did the device break? ‘A detail’ which once again raises questions because carabiners can withstand enormous weight. It was reported the carabiner was jammed so tight at the top of the door, it left an indentation in the door frame.

Ativan is a benzodiazepine and side effects include suicide ideation, but this form of suicide should have required strength and a serious preparation, whereas the main side effects of Ativan are dizziness, loss of coordination, blurred vision, drowsiness… Cornell was seen on stage as having these symptoms just before his death, and his wife said he was slurring his words…I guess we will know more if the toxicology report is made public, we will know how much Ativan he had taken and if other substances were involved, but aren’t all these points a good reason to question Chris Cornell’s alleged suicide?


7 Responses to “The Death Of Chris Cornell Is Raising Questions”

  1. Ray

    I tried (I really did) to read the article but the punctuation mistakes (and the incredibly long sentences which were the result) stopped me dead in my tracks.

    • Deves

      I’m a science undergraduate and I had no problem with the punctuation. I guess I’m not douchey enough to let such a thing distract me.

  2. JusticeForChris

    The “official” story is suspect, the timelines don’t line up, and his wife has changed her story a few times.

    Can’t help but feel there was foul play, and his bodyguard is clearly the prime suspect.

    There’s no reason to think Chris was alive when the bodyguard left his room the first time.

    The only question is what can be done now?

    • Patsy Egbert

      Even the crime photos look fake or staged. I believe and always will, Martin killed him. The stories keep changing. I think he was paid off very well, due to fact, I can’t imagine anyone hiring him ever again.

  3. Steve

    If you’ve all been updated by the metal den you’ll have learned fact not fiction.lets start with the head wound on Chris a big patch of hair ripped out a knot so noticeble his hair sticks up in the back this is why he was woozy ever had your hair ripped out people? I have that sh… Hurts and if you exhurt you’re self it compounds the injury it’s head trauma! He had it quite recently shortly before his last show oh! In his toxicology report no Ativan! So much more do your homework folks.lets just start with the head injury onstage photographed And witnessed by many.theres where you’re questions should start.facts people not speculation.


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