The Drums Signing At Amoeba, Monday June 19th 2017

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Jonny Pierce


The Drums have a new album, it’s called ‘Abysmal Thoughts’ and the title may more or less reflects my own thoughts at the moment. Who doesn’t have abysmal thoughts these days? The future is more than uncertain, nothing means anything and we are all going to die,… soon, A new study, that I have just read this morning, says that the majority of humanity will perish by 2100 due to extreme heat. I obviously will be dead by then but the world is a terrifying place and humanity is even more horrifying… and this is more than enough to give you some real abysmal thoughts.

This new album is Jonny Pierce flying solo since longstanding member Jacob Graham has officially left The Drums. He announced it last March in this statement: ‘It’s actually been over a year now since I left the band but it’s just now coming to light with today’s press. There are no hard feelings whatsoever, I wish Jonny and the band the best of luck. I’d been with the band for almost ten years and I wanted to focus on my puppetry and my work with my new band Sound of Ceres.’

So these abysmal thoughts are entirely Jonny’s and he was at Amoeba for a signing of the new album on Monday night. There was a long line of young to middle-age people, patiently waiting to be able to speak with him for a few minutes. And he looked adorable with each one of them, took the time to listen to their stories, hugged almost every single person and gesticulated when he was speaking to them, I even saw a few girls crying or at least several got super excited to have met him.

From what I have heard from the new album, they were playing it in the store during the signing, the music is still very much in the style of the Drums, with plenty of Smiths nostalgia rhythms, Morrissey-like lyrics, and some kaleidoscopic Beach-Boys melodies. I didn’t hear a big catchy anthem, but I have only listened to the album once.

Meanwhile, Pierce still looks like an adolescent with a blonde short haircut and a tee-shirt over an Adidas long sleeves. There is obviously a strong connection between him and these people, between the Drums, the confessional lyrics and all these young kids,.. they share something, a fear, many heartbreaks, a profound distress and some hope too. and why wouldn’t Pierce still be terrified by the world? He has many reasons to be, and why wouldn’t these people also be terrified by the world? However It’s always extremely comforting to share a profound despair with someone like Jonny Pierce.

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