The Early Bird: New Albums Overview 8-11-17 – 8-17-17

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The big shocker of the week is Kesha’s Rainbow, when last heard from she was releasing one, and then another, flop single, both dogs, before the surprisingly good “Hymn”. And before that she was blubbering on stage about rape when she should have been blubbering about indentured servitude. So you’ll be shocked to learn that those first two singles all the worst on her woke but not too woke, baby, reboot. Dolly Parton is on one of them, the Dap-King Horns on another, and Eagles Of Death Metal on two, and the album is still pretty good… and “Bastards” is pretty great. Plus, flashing her tush at the audience on the cover? Yoko Ono beat her to it. Grade: B+.

Frankie Rose’s Cage Tropical opens with a killer pop song, and then some shoegaze, before going very strange. Grade: B. Bebe Rexha’s All Your Fault, Pt 2, finds the born to sing the hook to EDM MOR songs in pretty good fettle. Sit down for this but her song with Florida Georgia Line, a band born to drive everybody with the exception of Rolling Stone Country to tears, is pretty good. It gets old, sure, but dip in here and there and you might enjoy it. Grade: C+.

Speaking of EDM MOR, Avicii had the world in his back pocket four years ago when “Wake Me Up” built up half a BILLION  streams back when that meant something. He retired for awhile and everybody forgot about the arrogant twit, and now he is back, but he’s been away too long and there are a dozen DJ/Producers doing EPs as good as Avicii 01. Grade: C+. After taking 2016 off, the UK rockers The Cribs, definitely the poster boys for the anti-Royal Bloods contingent, is back with 24-7 Rock Star Bullshit . Is it great? No, but it is the best UK rock with the exception of the Fall in 2017. Grade: B Back in the States, David Rawling has built up a lotta good karma with me after his Gillian Welch set last week, Poor David’s Almanack is more of his fine performed Americana, a touch folkier then when Gillian Welch, who is always on hand, performs under Gillian’s name. Grade: B

Finally, America’s punk rock band Downtown Boys loud and fast and a chick lead singer, have their first album on Sub Pop, and it isn’t bad at all. The aesthetic is London 1977 with a Lora Logic somewhere in the makeup, declarative up against the wall aesthetics their specialty. I still miss the wall of horns Grade: B


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