The Early Bird: New Releases 11-24-17 – 11-30-17

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It is a strange week because with the holidays it is hard to know what has been missed and what has been pushed back. The new Bjork album, in which she recovers from her lover’s betrayal in the arms of another man, Utopia, is better than I thought it would be based upon “The Gate” (the first single). The opening track, “Arisen My Senses,” is the most beautiful thing she has written since her first two solo albums, and though it wouldn’t be Bjork if it wasn’t difficult to get into, the rewards on this electronic make it the light to Vulnurica’s darkness. Grade A-. The other big album is Sulfan Stevens’ The Gift remix plus demos and a couple of new songs was as eagerly awaited as any album of the year. Carrie And Lowell was a masterpiece of Oedipal loss and more could be no less than more. So, the demos and the new song return us to the exact same mood as the albums, and the mixes don’t make it. Grade: B+.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ Who Built The Moon? is his best album since Be Here Now, the opening two tracks alone: the gigantic instrumental “Fort Knox” and the Oasis meets T-Rex “Holy Mountain” alone make it worth your time. And it would be better with his brother singing. Grade: B+. I am not much of a fan of Frank Turner, but these recorded versions of favorites from his catalog, Songbook, is a place to start if you are like me. His best songs beautifully performed, and, hey,
Wessex Boy” always gave Billy Bragg a run for hs money. Grade: B-

Kodak Black is so hot that Cardi B named the second biggest single of the year after him. The Project Baby 2: All Grown Up (Deluxe) adds nine song for 100 minutes of trap, the hi hat never higher, and on the best of the songs “Codeine Dreaming,” Lil Wayne more than compliments him. Grade: B+. More rap? Oldish school Fabolous’ Friday On Elm Street takes the monsters from the 80s for a fun ride. Fabolous is joined by Jadakiss, as well as featured verses by Future (does he never go home?), Styles P, French Montana, Swizz Beatz and more. Very 1990s but it is fun enough – B-

The best thing about Eagles’ Hotel California (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition) is that it reminds you how much better Warren Zevon was to these guys. This is a waste, the album plus a show from around the same time, Grade: C+. Louis Armstrong’s The Nightclubs has one problem, it is nowhere near big enough. Each of the eight 1950s shows the songs are culled from deserves its own album. Why is Armstrong not done right? RELEASE EVERY DAMN RECORDING YOU HAVE. Grade: A

Bjork – Utopia – A-

Eagles – Hotel California (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition) – C+

Fabolous And Jadakiss – Friday On Elm Street – B-

Frank Turner – Songbook – B-

Kodak Black – The Project Baby 2: All Grown Up (Deluxe) – B+

Louis Armstrong – The Nightclubs –  A

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds –  Who Built The Moon? – B+

Sufjan Stevens – The Gift – B+



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