The Early Bird: New Top Releases Reviewed 12-22-17 – 12-28-17

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Two HUGE hip hop albums dropped and they are both quite good but they are both not pop moves at all.  Gucci Mane steps back ten years for a down and moody but all flow album that doesn’t search out the hook on  El Gato: The Human Glacier. It sounds slow and slurpy but also on point, strong rhymes. Produced by Southside of 808 Mafia, it is trap, there is hi hat all over it, but it is quiet and cold. Grade: B. Huncho Jack by Huncho Jack and Jack Huncho, aka Travis Scott and Quavo is, if anything, better, though again it is a subdued album, but a subdued album where they make better use of an Otis Redding sample than Kanye and Hova did on “HAM”. I am very impressed with “Modern Slavery,” and very impressed with “How U Feel,” inbetween it is a little too quiet and gets boring (Grade: B). It took him two days to record it, maybe he shoulda taken a week.  Those two albums have taken over my Apple Music, so let’s move on to the singles.

Two from Cardi B: I first heard Cardi B and Ozuna’s Spanish language “La Modelo” yesterday and wasn’t thrilled by its missing of a hook and inability to explode, but listening to it today I guess my ears let me down, because that bongo beat is money in the bank (Grade: B) The other single is Cardi B and 21 Savage: “Bardi in a Rari, diamonds all over my body, put that bitch on Molly,” she raps before 21 Savage adds a slurvy verse on this fine banger  “Bartier Card”. This is a big song for her, it doesn’t have a “money moves” hook, but her voice is great and it moves in a typical drugged haze dream. Grade: B+. One more, Sugarland’s “Still The Same,” is pretty good country rock heartbreaker with a banging chorus. Grade: B

A quiet week of course, but I’ll get to the rest of the new album releases soon enough.

Cardi B – Bartier Card – B+

Cardi B and Ozuna – La Modelo – B

Gucci Mane – El Gato: The Human Glacier

Huncho Jack by Huncho Jack and Jack Huncho – B

Sugarland – Still The Same – B



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