The Early Bird: Top New Album Releases 9-29-17 – 10-4-17

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This week is girl power week, all heavy duty locked and loaded and starting at the top, Demi Lovato’s bad ass take no prisoners EDM pop tracks of the first order on her fine Tell Me You Love Me (Grade: B+), Will Made-It and Pharrell produced, so hip hope values on soulful tracks; demi claimed Christina Aguilera as a big influence but the vocals aren’t there and where’s the “Genie In A Bottle” anyway? Here’s something Miley Cyrus wasn’t when she was twerkin’ in the US… boring: the C+ Younger Now is all MOR Americana country, especially the Dolly Parton one. Speaking of Dolly, the children of the world deserve better than I Believe In You, her worst album ever, Grade: C-. Speaking of country, Shania Twain is back Now, and the singles warned us she wasn’t up to much and this is an old fashioned country rock drag, C+. Not only is this not a great time for r&b, the songs just aren’t good enough, it sometimes isn’t a great time for r&b singer, Tamar Braxton’s Bluebird Of Happiness is 80s inspired soul, but the definition of mediocre, B-

Classic rock falls out of its wheelchair for the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Live At The Fonda Theatre, the 2015 gig Alyson couldn’t get a ticket for. The trick here is to check out how they do on “Moonlight Mile”. And the “Moonlight Mile” here lacks poetry in its soul. Grade: C+. Pearl Jam + baseball documentary Let’s Play Two might make sense, the live songs for no good reason album is stupendously, they don’t even give us “Yellow Ledbetter” on the C+ live album.

Finally, two relatively newcomers till we get to a more thoroughly look at the new releases. I loved Smokepurpp’s “Bless Yo Trap” a coupla weeks ago, he is baby trap but really really good on his debut album Deadstar, here his song with Dram, “Count Up” is excellent dreamtrap from the soundcloud god: the Lil Pump featured “OK” is great, the Chief Keef track (with Yo Gotti) is excellent, even the Juicy J –who really gets on my nerves, sounds good. Grade: A- . Wolf Alice looked onto a classic track, “Bros,” last time around, but they were terrible when I caught em at Le Poison Rouge, and the album wasn’t as good as the single. On Visions Of A Life, stuff like “Heavenwards” have a pleasant wall of type sound and while I was put off by the singles, over an album there is an intense beauty to the sound. Grade: B

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me – B+

Dolly Parton – I Believe In You – C-

Miley Cyrus – Younger Now – C+

Pearl Jam – Let’s Play Two – C+

Shania Twain – Now – C+

Smokepurpp – Deadstar – A-

Tamar Braxton – Bluebird Of Happiness – B-

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers Live At The Fonda Theatre – C+

Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life – B


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