The Early Bird: Top New Albums And Singles 12-29-17 – 01-04-18

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James Blake emotes


But when we got there…. all we found was a handful of singles, none of the promised new albums are there… no Azealia Banks, no Weezer… not a sausage. Bummer, right? This week there is nothing much going on, while wondering if one of the reason there is so much Christmas music on the streaming charts is because there are no new releases. I won’t believe the average teenager is gagging for A Pentatonix Christmas… I use Metacritic and Album Of The Year websites, among others I might add, for “Sneak Peaks” and then I use “Sneak Peaks” for “The Early Bird”. What a waste this week.

So what do we have here? We have James Blake, who had a quiet 2017, covering Don McLean’s “Vincent”. I like “Vincent,” (Van Gogh) and I love the album it originated on, American Pie. James Blake performs it straight up just on piano, and it is pretty and delicate. Grade: B. Smokepurpp, another member of the emo-rap brigade is joined by Nav on this self-evident dark soft druggy echoed out, etc. Not much of a hook either, but not terrible. (Grade: B). LoCash, an abysmal country duo, are performing at New York’s Opry City Stage on New Year’s Eve, which is exactly what country fans deserve after siccing Donald Trump on us. “It gets a whole lot better than “It Don’t Get Better Than That” unless you are in the market for songs about how great the air smells after it rains? Really? Try walking into a subway station and saying thank. Grade: D. Sure, Lil Xan sounds like every emo-rapper out there, he still wobbles that drugged out seasick vibe with the best of them on “Wake Up”: “I wake up, I throw up, I feel like I’m dead”. Been there, done that. Grade: B+ Finally, Taylor Bennett’s kid brothers new single “Only Difference” proves he can rap fine, but Bianca Shaw can rap finer. Grade: C+.

So, what else? Nothing at all…


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