The Early Bird: Top New Releases 3-30-18 – 4-5-18

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The real action is on the singles releases this week and I will get to them, but first: the new the Weeknd EP My Dear Melancholy, is old school Weeknd, gone are the hard nosed well lit production of his last two albums (though not all the hooks) on this spectacular, moody, drug induced lost love and found sex six songs mini-epic -all the snares make it sound like art-trap. Grade: A-.

Now, off to the races: A$AP Rocky takes the lead and BlocBoy brings up the rear with a dog barking as the hook on “Bad Company, Grade: B-. The new Cardi B sounds like samba with a rap on top, and it is first rate smackdown on “Be Careful”, making excellent use of Lauryn Hill’s “Care For Me” Grade: B+. Charlie Puth duets with James Taylor on  “Change”,a song that sounds like classic mid-period JT, Grade: B+. “Shiggy” by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks is by the numbers art rock, with that voice why not just call em Pavement, the bridge is SM 101, Grade: B. James Bay loses his glam rock star veneer on “Us” for a too heavy on the metronome ballad,  Grade: C+. The new Ty Dolla $ign  “Pineapple”  adds Quavo and Gucci to the mix, Guc steals it, Grade B

Back to albums, I was very eager for Kate Nash, Yesterday Was Forever has its moments, both singles, and is very sweet and funny on “My Little Alien” but is way too serious other times.  Grade: B. Less out there than the debut The Voidz’ Virtue is the new art school version of the Strokes, “Permanent High School” is better than anything on the Strokes last two albums. Grade: B. Astonishingly enough, The Vaccines Combat Sport more or less sustains very catchy rockers for the entire album, nothing so great but all pretty good. Grade: B. Rich The Kid is state of the trap art 2018 on The World Is Ours, with featured rappers up to his ears (should I? Kendrick, Future, Khalid, Chris Brown,  Lil Wayne, Quavo… and more), it is all first rate pop music. Grade: B+. One more? U-God is the Wu least likely, Venom is busy as usual but business is good. Grade: B-

Bad Company – A$AP Rocky, BlocbBoy

Be Careful – Cardi B

Us – James Bay – C+

Charlie Puth – James Taylor – B+

Yesterday Was Forever – Kate Nash

Rich The Kid – The World Is Ours – B+

Shiggy – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – B

My Dear Melancholy, – The Weeknd – A-

The Vaccines – Combat Sport – B

Virtue – The Voidz – B

Pineapple – Ty Dolla $ign – B

Venom – U–God – B-



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