The Early Bird: Top New Releases 6-8-15 – 6-15-18 Reviewed

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With the Kanye and Cudi show not on streaming yet we will have to wait to see if it lives up to the raves, though the one song we have heard (it got lifted off Kids see Ghosts) “Ghost Town” is among the best on Ye. Anyway, on a less thrilling week for singles than the last one, let’s start with what is also a less thrilling than last week look at the  new albums. Lily Allen’s last album was 2014’s dreadful Sheezus (the concert sucked as well), because apparently marriage wasn’t great for her song skills; tropical house as a melodic marriage breakdown No Shame  it may prove itself one of the best albums of year yet (Grade: A-). The clack track is consistent and Fetty still knows how to write a hook, if Bruce Wayne (apparently Wap has done a lot of things for many people secretly, and lived to brag about it) it is not that “Trap Queen” homerun but at less than 30 minutes it will probably hook in harder later (Grade: B). The Future collated soundtrack to the scary on the face of it Superfly, though only four songs are directly from the movie. The four Young Thug songs are all goodies, the Miguel song Is a goodie and the Future featuring 21 Savage “If You Want It” is great (Grade: B+). serpentwithfeet’s Soil proves that sometimes more is indeed less from this great neo-soul man, it loses its magic and while as separate tracks it’s breathtaking, as a whole it bores (Grade: B+). I did like the Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic eponymous albums “Fun, Fun, Fun,” that must be an outlier, The bathetic “God Only Knows” is syrup not melodic sturdiness and if that is the worse of it, most of it is simply useless as anything more than an add to an overstuffed with repeats catalog (Grade: C). Dierks Bentley The Mountain (recorded in the Rocky ones) is less bluegrass and more quietly energetic country (Grade: B). I can’t remember ever really loving Sugarland and  Bigger. there return after Jennifer Nettle’s failed attempt to become a solo star,  is a dog by even that  limited approval rating, I guess the Taylor Swift one “Babe” is ok (Grade: C)

Singles: Recorded in the studio on March 6th, 1963, months before A Love Supreme though with the same band, the first single, winningly name “Untitled Original 11383,” is a much more mainstream sound than, say, Ascension two years later, and  it is a quick paced improvised on a melody work and a real and incredible thrill to find a Coltrane original we don’t know (Grade: A). The new Dej Loaf featuring Leon Bridges finds the  anthem “Liberated” on a powerful (and gorgeous) song about how love frees us, and to prove her point Dej celebrated the single at New York City Hall by paying for everyone’s marriage licenses (Grade: B+). Is it too early to start worrying about Jason Isbell’s fall to earth? No, because these two songs are outtakes from 2007’s Sirens Of The Ditch, an album nobody needs a deluxe version of but we’re getting one anyway.  He splits the difference on these two bonus tracks, “Whisper” is a sinking blues and the most generic song he has ever written (Grade: C), “The Assassin” is a country folk tale (Grade: B). I can’t say I am crazy about the recorded live new Prince single, a cover of Civil War era spiritual with piano and vocal “Mary Don’t You Weep”  (Grade: C+). The 1986 Sound City Session version of “Welcome To The Jungle” is a heartbeat faster and Axl sounds every inch of his 24 years (Grade: A) “Heartbreaker” is Nick Lowe at his best, with a perfect old school country pop ballad that sounds like the Every Brothers without the harmonies (Grade: B+)



The Mountain – Dierks Bentley

Bruce Wayne – Fetty Wap

Superfly – Future

Welcome To The Jungle -1986 Sound City Session – Guns N

The Assassin – Jason Isbell – B

Whisper – Jason Isbell – C

Untitled Original – John Coltrane – A

No Shame – Lily Allen – A-

Heartbreaker – Nick Lowe – B+

Mary Don’t You Weep For Me – Prince – C+

soil – serpentwithfeet – B+

Bigger – Sugarland – C

The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic – The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic –



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