The Early Bird: Top New Releases Reviewed 3-2-18 – 3-8-18

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Sure, A Productive Cough is a self-reflexive piece of art-rock post punk weirdness, with some real good though somewhat minor inclusions to the Titus Andronicus songbook. The top of the album is a dirgey moaner, the bottom is a not dirgy moaner,  the six in the middle include a pointless Bob Dylan cover, a real good seven minute plus rocker, a second tier earworm, a piano ballad waltz, and one other I have nothing to say about. So I’ll give Patrick two songs unconditional, and just add that the problem with artists is they don’t give a fuck about us. (Grade: B-)

So that’s a bummer, and on to the hot new singles.  J. Balvin joined Bad Bunny  on stage Thursday night at the United Palace and gave him a quick lesson in crowd control, wiping out the 1000s of Spanglish 20 somethings with a cracker duet on his biggest hit, hBalvin was meant to crack the US charts with the Beyonce featured “Mi Gente” -a terrific song, I might add, which didn’t do the trick. Neither his lead vocal pn “Ahora (Grade: B) nor the soft baccchaish featured performance on Nicky Jam’s “X” which features a terrific flute (?) hook but otherwise is dry (Grade: C+), will have any reaction from the Billboard 200. Hip Hop is well represented by Gucci Mane with help from Migos (Offset working on at least one featured performance a week for the rest of his life)  and Lil Yachty  on “Solitaire”-catchy pop trap stolen by Lil Yachty (Grade: B) and Logic and mellow DJ Marshmello’s “Everyday” -a bore of a song; I’ve been giving Logic the benefit of the doubt since his life affirming  Jingle Ball performance late last year, but he kinda sucks as a rapper(Grade: C). On the pop front, always nice to hear from Meghan Trainor who knows her around an earworm, and the skill remains in tact on “No Excuses” (Grade: B), a welcome return after a quiet 2018.

For some odd reason, I haven’t seen Joan Baez perform a complete show since 1975, so you can be sure I’ll be at the Beacon in September for her local  farewell performance. Whistle Down The Wind is Baez, her soprano more or less intact though the high end isn’t there, performing new Americana protest songs and ending the set with the song of the week, “I Wish The Wars Were Over” inspired by a Tim Eriksen version of the traditional song. Grade: A-

Ahora – J. Balvin

Solitaire – Gucci Mane, Migos, Lil Yachty – B

Whistle Down The Wind – Joan Baez – A-

Everyday – Logic, Marshmello – C

No Excuses – Meghan Trainor – B

X – Nicky Jam, J. Balvin – C+

A Productive Cough – Titus Andronicus – B-


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