The Elton John Biopic: Heaven Help The Rocketman

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Remember how cool Elton John was?  Before he came out of the closet he had the coolest persona.  Shy and flamboyant a ridiculous yin/yang of rock and roll and produced so many amazing songs with writer Bernie Taupin, it was absurd.  We all knew he was gay even through all the marriage nonsense but the moment he got that bowl haircut he turned in to a creepy Benny Hill looking flaming waste.  So did his music for that matter.  Cuz if you put “I’m Still Standing” next to “Funeral For A Friend” you can clearly see that he just plain sucked from the 80’s on.


So why not create a movie?  Let’s hope that it is clearly defined.  Let’s hope that this isn’t a giant ego stroke but a factual account of how Reginald Kenneth Dwight went from charismatic rocker to cliché’ old queen.


Michael Gracey to direct the film Rocketman, the biopic.  Who is that?  A guy who directs commercials.  No lie,  T-Mobile, Evian, McCain and Lipton, most of which are heavy in special effects and choreography. He has recently also signed to direct The Greatest Showman on Earth with Hugh Jackman and The Muppet Man for Jim Henson Productions.  So basically he is a specialist in oddities- perfect!

Gracey said 'Everyone knows and loves Elton John's music, but the true story of his life is so incredible that it can only be described as a fantasy. His journey from impossible dreamer to stardom and uncontrollable excess is something only a musical film can capture, and I'm so excited to be the one to tell his story.'

What scares me?  The film will have ‘numerous fantasy sequences’ and musical numbers…..w………t………..f?  That’s not a biopic that’s a work of fiction.  Rocket CEO Steve Hamilton Shaw said 'Michael has an innovative, imaginative and compelling vision for the film. We want to create an experience that surprises and moves audiences and knew immediately that he was the perfect director to take them on this journey.'


The film is being written but Lee Hall who wrote the wonderful Billy Elliot.. see how this is all fitting together now?  I see a Broadway rendition of this in our future.. yuck.  Oh and if anyone knows any little boys-  they’re having a bit of trouble casting 5 year old Elton.. heaven help us.


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