The Eminem And Rihanna Setlist 2014 Monster Tour Spotified

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Monster Concert

Monster Concert

The last time I saw Eminem he was opening for Jay Z at Yankee stadium and he was damn good as well so I move towards next August 16th when he plays with Rihanna at Metlife with a lot more expectations than I felt for the “On The Run” gig.

My gut is this won’t be as good, Rihanna is too big a drag on Eminem and Eminem is gonna have trouble any way because Metlife is one big stadium to deal with.

There are other differences, though the sheer weight of hits isn’t one, there aren’t as many for Ree and Em to collaborate on and that is clear by the plethora of Rihanna tracks followed by Eminem tracks: it is clear this is two separate sets which segue at the start and end.

Better than Jay and Bey? Hard to tell, I would assume it is possible except Rihanna sucks on stage and I am not sure the competition of Eminem, who was excellent last time I saw him. It is a tough read but I think I’ll prefer it if only because I’ve seen Jay Z so many times so the Eminem set will sound fresher. I’ll leave after “Without Me” PS here is the setlist, Spotify underneath.

“Numb” +
“No Love (Don’t Hurt Me)” +
“Run This Town” +
“Live Your Life” *
“Crack a Bottle” **
“Won’t Back Down” +
“What Now” *
“Phresh Out the Runway” *
“Cake” *
“Talk That Talk” *
“Rude Boy” *
“What’s My Name?” (remixed with Trey Songz’ “Na Na”) *
“Pour It Up” *
“Cockiness (Love It)” *
“Man Down” *
“You Da One” *
“Wait Your Turn” *
“Jump” *
“Umbrella” *
“All of the Lights” *
“Rockstar 101″ * “Where Have You Been” *
“Stay” *
“Love the Way You Lie” +
“3 a.m.” **
“Square Dance” **
“Business” **
“My Dad’s Gone Crazy” **
“Evil Deeds” **
“Rap God” **
“Marshall Matters” **
“Still Don’t Give a F–k” **
“Criminal” **
“The Way I Am” **
“Airplanes” (Paramore cover) +
“Stan” +
“Like Toy Soldiers” **
“Forever” (Drake cover) **
“Berzerk” **
“Till I Collapse” **
“Cinderella Man” **
“The Real Slim Shady” **
“Without Me” **
“Not Afraid” **
“Diamonds” *
“We Found Love” (Acoustic & Regular Versions) *
“Lose Yourself” **
“The Monster” +

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